Friday, 24 March 2017

Figmented reality by Zuko : Book Review

There are some books the Indian society is still not ready for. Figmented reality is one of them. Highlighting the bold topic of sex, masturbation and addiction to such physical desires and it's consequences come out well sketched in Zuko's debut.

The cover is rather a weird one, while it may excite the thriller lovers, non - readers will just not get the point in the blurry image. The cover designer has not given his best shot here and expectations were higher. As I said, this gives a thrilling feel and doesn't really relate much to the main concept of the novel.

Now let's get into the story. Siddhartha is a yound lad addicted to sex and masturbation right from the onset of his puberty. He looks at girls and women in a very bad way, his objectification of females makes me cringe. He does get into some relationships but they break due to his desire for physical intimacy. And suddenly comes Veena, a woman who is almost double his age and starts giving him positive signals about her consent to physical relationship. Does things go well between them? Do they keep casual sex? Does the word "Love" find any place in Siddhartha's life? To know, you have to read Figmented Reality.

For me it would have been a great book if I was mentally prepared for it. And so should you, if you want to pick a copy by clicking here. It's no plain words, it's a lot of Gore topics put forth in Zuko's book. I rate it 3.5/5 stars.

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