Friday, 10 March 2017

Deeper - by Charuta Powale

I dive into the ocean.

Blank. No light. No sound. Just water making its way inside me. It touches and washes away every internal organ. It starts from my mouth, my tongue instantly regognises its taste - salty and undesirable. Yet the undesirable flows past my mouth and delves into my throat.

I can't breathe. But I can feel the water gushing into me, delving deeper and deeper as I delve deeper into the sea.

It is mutual, our desperation to discover each other. But it does not have an end for I will have to reach back to the surface - either to breathe or after my breath is gone.

I come back.

I love the ocean.

I dive again.

I know it is bound bring me back to the surface again because I love it and it loves me. We are the lovers that can delve deep into one another but can not be the one we love. We are not one soul, two beings. We are two souls thriving as ourselves yet reaching out for the one we love.

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