Sunday, 5 March 2017

Bookstagram Interview with Oasisgirlmd

It makes me so happy to welcome Asma, @Oasisgirlmd , on Biblio Cafeteria today. She is an incredible woman and her beautiful instagram feed has been summed up in a few words by @thegeekyauror as : 
"There are two things bookstagrammers love in a feed: colorful and consistent. Asma's feed is just like that, color coordinating thing while maintaining the consistency. You'll definitely fall in love and you will want to scroll and scroll and scroll because you can never have enough." 
True enough, all our feelings towards her. So without any ado, let's get started!

1) Tell us about your journey on bookstagram.
I started off on Instagram as pretty much all of us do, a generic account posting pictures of day to day life. However, most of my days consisted of reading, discovering and buying books. This led me to conversations with other bookstagrammers. I didn't even know "Bookstagram" was a thing, back in 2015. You can imagine my delight when I did. I decided I'm sticking to posting about books alone and life has never been the same. 
2) Who/What is your inspiration for your amazing bookstagram?
There are 2 accounts that come to mind immediately: @thedarkestpartsofsnow and @foldedpagesdistillery . I was in complete awe of their aesthetic sense and flatlays. They continue to inspire me to this day. Some of the ones I discovered a little later were @sarahlostbutfound, @floralsndragons and @pardonmywritings. They, each, have their unique sense of style and beauty. Best bit is they're incredible girls , just as fabulous as their accounts. 
3) Which was that one photo/photoshoot you were particularly proud of?
I read a quote by Thatcher Wine, the founder of Juniper Books, which said 'the books you keep are the stories you tell about yourself'. That really resonated with me and I decided to "photograph" it. This here, summarizes alot about me. I'm a doctor, obsessed with Jane Austen, Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. Disney's been very close to my heart growing up. I like to surround myself with bright colours. Colours and ambience play a big role as far as our mood goes so I keep away from dark colours as much as I can. 

4) Any incident on bookstagram journey which you particularly found heart warming?
I was subjected to terribly cyber bullying and trolling last year. This happened to be the first time I was facing anything like this and was obviously very shook up. The entire community showed me what great camaraderie there is amongst bookstagrammers. The support and love was overwhelming. I was reminded of the scene from Half Blood Prince, where everyone raised their wands and the light eliminated the Dark Mark from the sky.
It also made my realize what a serious problem cyber bullying is and the consequences it can have on people who are especially vulnerable. I hope I can do something about it some day

5) Lastly, one tip or message you would like to share for success in bookstagram.
Be yourself.  This is your creative outlet. Don't join bookstagram for likes or followers, but to meet like-minded people. You'll find yourself making friends for life. 

Rapid Fire

1) Favorite book/s : Pride and Prejudice, Prisoner of Azkaban .
2) Favorite bookstagrammer/s : Every single one I've met.
3) Hobby apart from books : Polymer clay crafting.
4) Obsession : The Wizarding World
5)One bookstagrammer you would like to meet : Marie @riesbookshelf. She's been a dear friend from day one.
I would like to thank Asma for her time and answers which put light on the beauties of bookstagram world once again. I am pretty sure you are following her already, but in case you aren't, click here. Also, if you enjoyed this interview or want to ask Asma something, leave a comment below!


  1. Hi Asma, lovely photos ! I want to ask how many years did it take to make the beautiful collection?

  2. I actually just found TheGeekyAuror's feed here and it's so pretty! And of course Asma you are just as lovely a person like your feed, I am so sure.

  3. Hey Asma, Rima here. This was a beautiful interview and captures the beauty and warmth of my Canadian soul sister. Much love Sana. You inspire me and so many.