Friday, 24 March 2017

A Dirty World by Manoj Sethy - Book Review

Rohan Sethi, a successful journalist has his life shaken when one day the rape files of his college Crush Isha arrive at his desk. He reminisces the love he once nourished towards her but destiny could not see them together, as Isha had a boyfriend. All those years ago, Rohan had decided to move on in her life. Adjusting himself against the sudden shock, Rohan starts fighting with Isha, for Isha against the Dirty World to give her the rights she owns. But it is not an easy fight when so many adversaries are ready to choke them down. Do they win in their battle? Does this couple ever find a happy paradise? To know, you have to read The Dirty World.

A Dirty World is a great novel with wrong execution. While the concept, characters and the flow of the story are phenomenal, the faulty English and imperfection in grammar, especially that of articles "a" and "the", the tenses makes the good read troublesome in appearance. The author has tried his best to craft well-worded sentences but they have gotten over-shadowed due to the wrong English used. This book desperately needs a good editor to come out in good form.

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