Saturday, 17 December 2016

Notex Website Review

I went online shopping for my Project and Rough notebooks and I came across this amazing website who have totally beautiful services so I thought I would better put a blog post up!

Speaking about the delivery, it was fast. 2 days. It's really advisable for urgent school projects, which students always require! The packaging was gift like, as you see in the above picture! I took a personal liking for the ribbons and now they are in my hair. Just kidding

The yellow neon notebook is so good in quality and I basically wanted it for my Physics project. The paper is super white, with Sudoku for the times you may get bored. Also, it is perforated so you can tear off a page easily. Binding is spiral, my favorite!

The pink and red notepad is for my rough needs and very satisfied with the amazing quality at just 35 INR! Not to mention, this one also has a couple of Sudokus! It's light and easy to carry. 

The white one is my favourite, due to its cuteness and i use it for my to do lists! To get your stuff and explore the website, click here.

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