Sunday, 6 November 2016

It's Not About You by Ratna Vira - Book Review

This book was astonishing, staggering, stunning, and all the praising adjectives that can never fully fathom the wonder and intrinsic beguiling essence of it. Set in Gurgaon and Delhi, the book talks about the evolution of children to youths, that is, adolescence and the difficulties that one may face. While you flip through you would definitely feel that this story has been a part of your life, or your neighbour's son's life, or your cousin, or your friend. To say it was nicely written would be a degradation to the beautiful and yet achingly horrifying, mesmerizing writing style. What I loved the most about this book, was the way it captivated me right from the very first pages.Yes, I was unable to put down the book till I finished it in three days. I would certainly have been, faster if I wasnt in the process of moving out. I am surprised at the realisation, that my reading choices for the past few months have encountered nothing but miraculous books with good plots and poetically beautiful writing styles.

The initial aspect that had me thoroughly infatuated by this book is how ravishing and enthralling the writing was and the articulate nature of the single mother,Sammy who was struggling, juggling with her duties in life and fulfilling each and every one of them perfectly unless one call came. Her son had been brutally beaten up. There's something peculiarly enticing about the book, that kept me persistently at the edge of my seat in anticipation, let alone keen about detecting the occurrences of what might happen as I flip through the pages and fly through the chapters, mainly because, amusingly yet capriciously provocative of major controversy, the story emotionally allures me.

One of the most amazing concepts of this book was a "Happily Divorced" couple, Samaira and Rishi. Its is made clear that they have a healthy friendship even after the divorce and the husband dutifully stays beside her through all the novel. The deep seeds of fear and brutal mental impact that stays in as an after math of bullying is highlighted beautifully in the novel.

Overall, if you're a fan of the previous books of the author or a parent whose has a child growing into adolescence, this one is for you! So, why dont you buy the book here ?

I would like to thank Pan Macmillan for ARC of the book. Follow me and join my 2500+ followers, click here .


  1. Can I ask how did Pan Macmillan contact you? I believe you live in India and getting ARcs are a lot tough.

  2. Can I ask how did Pan Macmillan contact you? I believe you live in India and getting ARcs are a lot tough.