Sunday, 20 November 2016

Fandom Merch at The Souled Store

I don't know what would the world be without fandoms and I just hauled for the best fandom merchandise when I bumped into The Souled Store. The website is all about fandoms! From WWE to Looney Tunes, you name it, they have it. Exclusive Tote Bags, Painted Shoes, Badges, Backpacks, Notebooks, Coffee mugs, (are you still not drooling?) And t-shirts! I assure you some serious money-spending is gonna happen if you go there once and hover over the sections.

I got a Harry Potter Tote and so Beautiful it is I just keep staring at it like a teen in love! It's dotted with doodles all about Harry Potter. My favorite - 'Always'. The mini dragons and big spiders, oh it's like I am transferred to Hogwarts!

Who doesn't get up on his feet to the jingle of "I'll be there for you" with the six crazies dancing with umbrellas? We have to admit that we always try those dance moves and to have it captured with a mug is heaven! I could drink in it all day! And it has the lyrics of the song on the other side. If you don't have this, don't call yourself a fan!

The Fellowship of the Ring Notebook for all us Tolkien fans because we can never have enough of him! And all the nerdies have a fetish for fandom notebooks! The pages are lined alternately so you can draw or write or do both! 

Go go go! Click here and enter your fictional world!