Saturday, 5 November 2016

Book Review - We will meet Again by Tarang Sinha

Somewhere between the lines, Paridhi and Abhigyan took me back to Jeffrey Archer's short story - "Old Love". The same bright students in hatred for each other. More often than not, the two felt like Benedick and Beatrice from Shakespeare's Much Ado about nothing, in their witty exchanges and I secretly hoped in my heart, palpitations rising, when will Abhigyan say - " I love you more than anything in the world, Is not that strange?" That never happened though, nor did Paridhi reply,"As strange as the thing I know not." The beautiful portrayal of a love story nourished in hatred and hidden care for the other, makes We will meet Again a beautiful addition in the world of Literary Romance.

OK, so enough comparison with other literary works.  What is the story? It's the tale of Paridhi and Abhigyan, poles apart yet connected to each other by an unknown, untold bond. But, come-on, it's not a Vini Vici Vidi tale! Complications arrive as both are afraid to accept the feelings budding in the heart and leads to several terrible nights and sobby weekends. Do these two stubborn people finally accept what lies in the heart? Read to know!

But this review is not as sweet as a cake! Comparing with the other works of Gargi Publications, I feel that this book was of inferior quality. Well, that doesn't mean it is not better than a Chetan Bhagat book. If you plan on reading One Indian Girl, grab this book first. Much more compelling read and much more literally rich in quality. But after reading books like Her resurrection and Flavours of India from the same publishing house, this was a let down.

However, from the point of view of a regular Indian reader, the book was staggering, astonishing, stunning, beyond words could intrinsically fathom the true essence of it. When it comes to her relationship with Abhigyan, I must say at times I felt as torn as Paridhi and felt unsure of what events may follow. However, I am very satisfied with the path the ending led too and left me wanting more of them! It was one apotheosis of an enthralling read.

Tarang Sinha! You cannot end a book that way! I want more!

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  1. Thank you, Saheli for this honest review and feedback. It's encouraging. :)