Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Book Review - GNotret by Samantha Cyborski

Welcome to a totally Spoiler free Review of Gnotret!Thanks to the author for a review copy of the same.

What if you developed superhuman abilities? What if you woke up one morning and realise you can do things you ever dreamed of? What if you become "An Accidental Hero"? Visit the life of a few College Students, who agree for a medical trial by Dr. Carnesby. Gnotret is the story of what goes wrong in the trial which leads to the development of weird and amazing abilities in George, his girlfriend Amy, and his friends Bill, Sandra and Michael. 

Amy and George come to a medical trial by Dr. Adam Carnesby who happens to be testing a drug named Gnotret on people in turn of money. Although they were initially eager for the money, later on when George hears that the medical trial will be done with complete Isolation, he is eager to back off, but Amy convinces him to stay. But should George have listened to her? What happens to them after the trial? To know this, you have to read Gnotret, available on Kindle store in Amazon.

In my personal view point , I love how beautiful the story is because it's not really unrealistic and it can happen to anyone! Well, if Gnotret is invented! The storyline was so intriguing and so was the character development. I was impatient for the story to end and I couldn't really forget anything about it all day and it kept my mind occupied! The ending of the story was like a roller coaster stopping and I was so dumbstruck!

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. A recommendation for YA, Sci-fi Lovers. I also feel that the script has a potential of being made into a movie so you can guess how awesome it must be !

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