Thursday, 13 October 2016

When Arya Fell through the Fault by Reenita Malhotra Hora - Book Review

When an average person starts reading "When Arya Fell Through The Fault" the first reaction must be similar to mine where I had underestimated the storyline and half a part of me mocked it with a grin, convincing me that it would be a childish story of the coming of age of a 13 year old. After reminiscing this reaction of mine on the completion of book, I am embarrassed at how dumb (yes I am) I am. The book left me crying twice. Yes, not once, but twice and pondering over how shall I do justice to the book in my so called - Review.

I must start with what I end with- appreciations. A huge applaud for the amazing storyline. Reenita Hora's command over English language is commendable and you find it practically attractive. And her imagination? Beyond the limits! Although she hasn't used much of tongue twisting words to flaunt her vocabulary, the wise writing style definitely reflects her fluency.

The story is based closely on the author's own life , especially herself and her son. The protagonist is named after her son, Arya Vir Hora . At several points I felt like this was a story from a mother to her son on a late night bed time story. Slashing the part that it's very emotional, and I am pretty sure the climax is nothing close to the authors life. Reenita specialises in the usage of Pun, and has uses atleast 3 puns for the name - Arya in the course of the story. So, this guy, Arya is a odd one out in his school and as a result of bullying, he takes up the duty of becoming a bully himself. Hardly had a diverged in a wrong direction, his mother comes to show him the way. But a stubborn quarrel followed by an accident, finds her comatose in a hospital. What follows, is pure wildness of imagination and a path to the inner self.

The book, in its entirety, painstakingly sheds light on peer pressure in the society as a whole, which most of us encounter on a daily basis- abuse, discrimination, bullying and ultimately, a wrong way. I am unconditionally content to have read this book so I decided to take my time and write the review not professionaly, but passionately.  It is an empowering story of the victory of Good over Bad and would certainly instill bravery in the reader. The solemn reactions of the characters are genuine and close to reality which makes it even fun to read. Some of the chapters are just so beautiful, I really felt angry on the antagonists because, man, I felt they are real!

It's just that I am unhappy about the climax though it makes an amazing story. The climax made me cry, like rivers and I was compelled to call up my boyfriend - who doesn't really care but still gave me some solace in the hangover.

Overall, the book is a mixture of emotions that all of us have felt at a point of our life and yeah, all pre-teens and teens must read this book.

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