Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Three Wise Monkeys by Jeet Gian - Book Review

The three wise monkeys by Jeet Gian is an amazing attempt at written humor and gets you cracking up everytime you sit with it for a read. I was so amazed by his sense of humor that I had to mail him about his awesomeness and proposed him to try getting the script into Bollywood. It's totally worth it!

So what is the book about? The three wise monkeys stand as an oxymoron and metaphor as the three guys Amar, Akbar and Anthony are anything but believers of Gandhi's words. What follows their MBA career is pure laughter and there is not a single page that you flip, without laughing your ass (mind my language) off!

The cover of the boom is fun as well where we see the three monkeys having a gala time in an ocean of money and pool of riches! Definitely they didn't gain it in the right path! I totally loved the book!

Speaking for myself, I can say that I am no comedy fan because I have been let down by most of the comic writers except Jeff Kinney. But Jeet Gian proves me wrong with this thundering novel, that bags 4 stars from me where I don't really give more than 3 stars to comedy novels. The rhyming names are a delight too, as he names the girlfriends Meghna, Farah and Sarah!

Buy this Fat book and you won't regret it! Click  here and get your copy!

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