Monday, 31 October 2016

That Stupid Bug called Love by Avishek Gupta - Book Review

When an author attempts at penning down a romance novel, he is always under a pressure of creating something new and considering that romance is the most explored genre, by readers and authors commonly, coming up with a new , fresh novel is one hell of a pressure. And it just multiplies when you have to write, not one novel, but nine short stories. Then how is it possible that each story will touch the reader's soul?

Practically, It isn't. But 7 stories of this collection have really moved me and I can't explain how amazing I found it. If I start explaining all of them, I will be acting a spoiler. So I will discuss only my top 3 stories from the novel and hopefully, you'll get an idea about the rest and be eager to grab a copy.

The first one, Weeds, also the beginner of the novel was a beautiful one which had the best language of the entire batch of stories. Although the storyline is simple, I enjoyed how the author takes up a gravely discussed topic in a light mood and goes about giving the best solution.

The second was 'A Ganges full of Love' which was a sweet love story of a newly married couple and I personally could relate a lot to it. The husband keeps thinking how to make the evening precious for his wife but in the end, he realises how cheap it was to make her smile. The story has a touch of Kolkata and I could really feel the story in my soul.

The third is "Many Silences in My soul" which is a beautiful tale about the sound of silence and it's really short but left me pondering.

Sounds good? Grab your copy on Amazon!

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