Monday, 24 October 2016

In a Blink Of An Eye by Aditya Nighot - Book Review

When you read the name of Aditya Nighot in a Google Search you pretty much feel like he is the Heir of Salazar Slytherin. Why? He has literally snaked his way to fame with his two successful attempts in the literary world and I got the unfulfillable  (is that even a word?)  job of reviewing one of them.

The book cover, title and blurb had me like - "What?" with an eyebrow twitched and jaws dropping. The initial feel is that of a love story which is quite untrue in the blurb where it appeals to the reader as to be a Thriller novel, rather. After I finished the book, i was definitely delighted, taken by surprise, amazed, thrilled. If you happen to lay your hands on the book I am one hundred percent sure you wont put it down till the last page!

Characterisation is perfect especially that of Alok, the protagonist who has effectively dominated despite the presence of so many characters who have tried to drag the attention of the reader. His romance with Aisha is brought out well but I feel the author could have done more justice to it.

You know what is the best part? There is no monotonous chapter flow! It flows smoothly,yet through the eyes of various people. I am amazed how talented the Young guy is, he is on his way to achieving the perfection in the art of story-telling which many authors of our time lack. What he does as the second best thing is the sketch of friendship. The bonds of friendship in the story is so amazing, I am pretty sure you must find someone you know in between the lines.

Uh-oh, did I say its a story with an open-end? Yes! It is! It is a simple yet amazing entertainer! The rating goes  to four stars out of five.

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