Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How to gain Instagram followers for Bookstagram? Part I

The Bookstagram community is ever growing with an addition of atleast 10-50 new bookstagramers every week around the world. Gaining fame and followers in the community is so easy if you know what to do and what not to do. In the past two months, I have learnt a lot of things and here I share it with you, summed up in a blog post. Return here every week!

This blog post, the first one in my series is basically concerned with gaining followers and reaching good engagement. If your account is a bookstagram account, you definitely want good engagement, don't you? Read on to find the 10 most helpful tips to make you reach there.

1) Post good quality photographs. And that does not mean you need to have an expensive DSLR. Many bookstagramers , including me, use their mobile camera and it goes pretty well. For my part, I use Lenovo A7000 with 8 MP camera. However, DSLR can take your pictures to an entire new level if you know how to use it.

2) Follow and follow back random bookstagram accounts. This tip helped me get my first 100 followers. A lot of new peeps out there are going to follow you back and since they are bookstagram accounts, it's most likely that they would be interested in yours too.

3) Maintain a good Followers : Following ratio. The best ratio is 1:1 or slightly less than it. If you have a lot of following but comparatively too less followers, that makes you look cheap. It's really good if you have a lot more followers than following but that may often result in other people unfollowing you. That's why, keeping mutual friendship is the most beneficial in new bookstagram accounts.

4) Use hashtags. This one can be a game changer. The hashtags that I use mostly are -

#bookstagram #booklover #bookworm #bibliophile #bookshow #igreads #bookporn #bookgasm

It's okay to use tags like #follow once in a while but don't overdo it. Participate in challenges and tag other users. Friends are the best! Here is a November Challenge you may like to participate in !

5) Install InstaFollow App. I totally adore this app! This one shows you your Nonfollowers, Mutual Friends and Fans. You can easily clean out your non-followers, 5-10 at a time using the app. This also shows who unfollowed you recently so you must be prepared for some shocks, as often people you know really well may do it!

6) Never Ever use mass unfollow websites. My experience with it was terrible. There was a time when I had 500+ non followers so I decided to go for a website which would do mass unfollow. And it actually deleted over 100 mutual followers of mine. It was a nightmare.

7) Be interactive. Like posts randomly, on an average, for every 100 posts you like, you receive 6-10 followers. Comment on popular posts.

8) Choose your fandom and include it in your bio. I belong to the Harry Potter fandom and I am a Gryffindor. A lot of you out there belong to ACOMAF fandom and mostly Rhysand and Faerie fans. Show your love! You will get common followers.

9) Upload pictures with good details. That will make people look at it for s longer time to see the small stuff that you used for detailing. Make it bright and beautiful. You can search famous bookstagram accounts for inspiration. It's okay if only a quarter of some of the objects can be seen, until the central object is at focus.

10) That doesn't mean a simple picture won't work! Often people love pictures which focus on only one object. It is clear, neat and clean. You never know what may work for you!

I hope you find these tips helpful. I will be back next week with tips of random props, cheap props, DIY props and expensive props for bookstagram next week!

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  1. I m impressed with your post.. this is quite excellent.. It helped me to give a bird eye view to how to gain instagram followers and ore stuff. Saheli you are a true book lover n u gonna crack the world out there by your book one day ... :) Waiting for you to release your own book ;)

    1. Yes, that's my dream . glad you like the post.

    2. Yes, that's my dream . glad you like the post.

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