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Bouquet by Subhrajyoti Parida - Book Review

Despite being quite a contrary person to the world of poetry lovers, it wouldn't be totally false to say that I do read poetry from time to time as I happen to believe in the fact that poets are more intelligent than most other people. Why, is there any question about the talent of a person who can breathe rhythm and music into words? Write about things we felt only? So despite my fetish for stories, I often put an eye on modern and classic poetry.

Bouquet is a collection of poems by Subhrajyoti Parida, dedicated to his belated and beloved mother. Despite being a Mechanical engineer, Subhrajyoti seems to have a liking for the fields of art as he often likes to photograph and write poems in his spare time. Bouquet happens to be a critically acclaimed book as I found a couple of famous authors and their words of appreciation in the beginning of the book.

Let's discuss about the poetry now. The book is divided into 7 parts, the first 6 exploring various phases of human life and the last one being an array of short miscellaneous poems.  The first part speaks about the devotion to mother and seldom has an implication of the mother being referred to as the goddess. Often, I have felt that this part of the book is the most heart touching one where the poet has highlighted the distinction between good and bad and how we can never be anything in our life unless we have the blessings of our goddess, our mother. I, personally being an atheist solely believe in this fact that God is none other than the humans who make us live.  My favourite quote from this part, will be -

"Molded from soft brown clay,
Painted with colours as bright and vivid,
Man's finger twisted and grooved,
poemining her who is now so moved."

The second part focuses on the admiration of the beauty that the nature holds in its lap and the poet paints the same in his words, pulls of the blanket that hid a lot of mysteries and enriched the reader and his thoughts about the environment around. I loved the poem Dance of Clouds for it was the best of the batch, where the poet has let his imaginations loose like wild horses and he says -

"Clouds swim and dance,
Donning saffron and red,
Like couples deep in romance."

The third part speaks of emotions and yes, this is my favourite part of the book because no matter what, any human likes to read what till date he had felt only. That is the beauty of the poems contained in this portion. Beginning with a poem about loving one's hair, I found this one funny because the author himself was going bare and he humorously penned that down. On a positive yet sad note, I loved the poem "A child's promise" where a child makes several promises and lays down several conditions to bring back his belated mother. He says -

"Come back Mom, for I no longer do anything wrong."

The fourth part is about the human life, human desires and events which are on a light side of things rather than the overall strong emotional poems featured in the rest of the book. Needless to say, I enjoyed this part thoroughly as well , my favorite being - "I travel" because I love to travel and yes, I found a part of me being written about in this one. However, my favourite quote was found in the poem Ambition . It goes like -
"Silky and smooth wings caught fire,
Feathers burned bright and red.
Fell from the skies right on ground,
Smelled the scent of dust, long forgotten."
The meaning of the stanza goes deep and so is the writing style of this one the best of the fourth part.

The fifth part is a great one where he talks about relationships, festivals, peace, chocolates and lolly pops! These seem to be the necessary stuff of every home, and especially in mine, it will be the chocolates. The poems in this part are very entertaining and even kids will love to read these! And they carry an aroma of the food and festive lights even in the pages of the book and it really fills me with ecstasy! How cute it is, the poem Chocolate says -

"Chocolates are overwhelmingly yummy,
And quite desirable and plummy!"

The sixth part is that of philosophy of life and positivity and definitely encourages the reader to have a positive outlook, whereas the seventh part is a collection of comparatively short poems.

As the book comes to an end, you want a bit more from the poet and you definitely re-read some of them. However, I must complain the poet to use "and" instead of "&" because it is a wrong way of writing literature, as per my view. The second complaint will be the unnecessary use of triple dots in some of the titles. Apart from that, the poetry is amazing.

I rate the book 4 out of 5 stars.

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