Sunday, 9 October 2016

Ashwamedha by Aparna Sinha

The very invitation of the paperbacked novel that I held in my hands was a mysterious one while my mind raced miles in the very minute I read the title, once again. I evoked my little bfrain to judge whether it depicted the Ashwamedha Yagna that I had come across in my seventh standard history text books. Turns out, not directly, but yes. It drives its soul wick of candle light by the tale of the drive for power in politics.

The plot speaks of Ashwin Jamwal and the journey in the land where everyone is after one thing - "POWER". The central theme feasts upon the drive for power and a puzzle of dirty politics. I loved how the author has used references to the scriptures of Yajur Veda to enrich the feel of the novel which is penned down in an otherwise really simple tone. The imagery (visual) is that of a suburban Indian zone and brings out a raw picture of the Indian land. The fragrance of love and friendship is also abundant in this power-packed fulfilling novel which lives upto its expectations as a debut novel.

The blooming and nurturing of the lovestory prevailing amidst Ashwin and Adya is a treat to the reader. Although you get an initial obscene feel regarding the atrocities and hindrances in their lovestory, when the two meet with Ashwin as the Prime Minister, love can be definitely smelled in the air. The use and presentaion of the suspense is just and the fact that all this, is executed in one single novel, that too a debut one, is shocking.

I would like to ask the author to use some vernaculars to highlight India even more and use better sentence framing for marvels. Hope to see her experiment with novels of other genres as well.

I rate the book 4 stars. Wishing the author all the very best with future works.

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