Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Monsoon Murders by Karan Parmanandka : Book Review

When you get your copy of Karan Parmanandka's Debut Novel, you cant help but let out a low toned- "Wow". The beauty under the umbrella is indeed a charmer with an air of mystery about her and you just want to look at her mischievous eyes to get a further insight into the novel. But oops! Where are her eyes? Guarding her eyes, she stands facing you under the umbrella on a rainy day. What do I call the cover? Beauty. In all probabilities, you will spend the major part of the next hour scrutinizing the cover.


If you turn the pages and start reading , you will notice a brilliant chapter wise division of the plot underneath distinct Chapter names which are quite interesting in the first place, for example - " The Legend of the Kadera" and "The Haunted Factory." And then I started reading and I am shocked because the first impression of the novel was much more promising. Obviously, it is quite good as a debut novel but the author has a lot more potential because some chapters towards the end are exceptionally good and almost don't seem to have been written by the same person. And I felt he didnt deliver his best in this book. But has the cover done justice to the Novel? No. My hopes for this novel were much higher than what I received.

What is the story?

Going through a tough time in life after his dismissal from the police force, Roy Konte is thrilled when he gets the duty of solving a murder case under a business Tycoon, Jayesh Kumar. The direct suspect falls on his sister Alina, however, there is no evidence for the same. In his course of investigation, Roy is further tangled when he falls for Alina and it seems that she falls for him too. But does life always have a happy ending? Read on to find out.

What did I like?

The last 80 pages because all the twists and turns are located there. A letter of revelation finds its place towards the end of the story and it's good enough to make you sigh after you read it all at one breath because that's the attention grabber in the entire novel. And of course. The climax. It was very unpredictable and I was like - "Phew." The growing emotional connect between Roy and Alina was indeed heart warming and I just wanted to read more about them and it is a special request to the author to write more about them, someday in future. I as a reader enjoyed it the most. The emptiness in the characters was evident and you can relate to part of them.

What disappointed me?

The story-telling needs much more improvement. Descriptive narration is missing at many places and fails to build the real image of the character in my mind's eye. A lot of unnecessary information Mars the otherwise perfect flow of the story. Use of triple dots is another turn off. Other than that, it was a simple read with extraordinary twists.

I will rate this book 3.5 stars out of 5. I hope to see better narration in the author's next book.

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  1. The cover is really too stunning Saheli.