Sunday, 11 September 2016

Memories- A Novella by Soumya Mukherjee

Some things, are not just "somethings". Like the first smell of monsoon drenched soil, same as it smelt all the years down the memory lane. Like the doodles of children, that remind you of your useless paintings as a kid but you can no more do that. Like the sound of a thunder clap which still gives you a light shock but with age you have learnt how to cope up with it. They remain the same,deep down in your heart and all you need is small incident to remind you. Memories- A Novella does just that.

Memories is a toy train of Darjeeling inviting you to buy a ticket and join in the ride of a boy as he grows up to man. Call it exaggeration but the book has some resemblance to Ruskin Bond's short story book, pardon me forgetting the name,in which he had written about his days as a boy in the scouts. Oh no, I do remember. It was "At School with Ruskin Bond."The style of writing is very impressive and resembles various eminent Indian writers of the past. Simple, yet mysteriously attractive.

The chapters each are narration of core memories of the author as he was growing up and his various realisations of life as he grows up. The illustrations are as hilarious as the tales and have done justice to the book! Such a beautiful treat. The protagonist, most probably the author, is termed as "Boy" and we follow the growing up of this boy from childhood to adolescence, from teenage to old age. But he remains, "Boy" because age is just a number and he is just a child at heart, like the most of us.

The reflections of the Indian society is hilarious. For example, the inquisitive nature of the neighborhood aunts which everyone is aware of! Their favourite passtime? Poking nose here and there! So amazing! Another one is the hush hush around "Sex"

All in all, a wonderful tale, rather non fiction about every Indian boy.

4 stars for the amazing novel. :)


  1. Thanks 😊 for the fabulous endorsement

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  3. Very good, i am willing like I should get hands on this book

  4. Very nice. Ruskin Bond's similar writings.
    Will give it a reading. And lovely.description of the rain kissed soil giving that rustic aroma.

  5. Interesting theme. Reminds me of Ruskin Bond's books. And I loved the intro of the post. Very impressive.

    1. Thank you Mam! Always looking forward to your views!

  6. That's a lovely review. I am really interested in getting this book now.Ruskin Bond is one of my favourites. And if this book is anywhere near his style I would be pleased. Please keep posting more such reviews.:)

  7. I was transported to that aromatic works of Ruskin Bond.. And I feel this book has alot to offer, plus the way u reviewed surely made me excited to read it.. Keep up the Gud work..:)

  8. So many comments! Well, amazing indeed!