Saturday, 24 September 2016

Love Bi The Way by Bhaavna Arora | Book Review

"Bisexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward both males and females, or romantic or sexual attraction to people of any sex or gender identity; this latter aspect is sometimes alternatively termed pansexuality," says the Internet. However, we Indians have a - "hush hush" feeling towards the term itself and don't really bring it up in serious discussions. And amidst such a backdrop, Bhaavna Arora has broken the taboos and penned down a tale of two women who are poles apart yet bonded by an unspoken relationship.

When my copy of the book arrived my mother asked, "What is this? What kind of a book is this?" her eyes glued to the bare back of a woman who had two hands on it, one male and another female. And basically, that is the reaction of the stereotypical Indians who still do not understand that sexuality is something we are born with and not something that we can choose. And a detailed discussion of sexuality that our parents and "Sharmas" wont let us do was what pulled me into the story.

"A Bell rang somewhere in the darkness of the night," begins the author. A mysterious, serious tone and a sense of urgency. The door opens and the reader is let in to the world of Rihana and Zara. An artist and a business woman. An extrovert and an introvert.  One openly jokes about the men she has been to bed with and the other still refers to sex as an act of love making. The only thing that brings them together is their house and their pet dog - Tiger. Both of them are struggling to live a better and happy love. While Rihana seems to believe in the motto -
"One man a day, keeps love away," Zara is hopelessly romantic and falls in love with a prince. What happens when they realise they love each other? To know that, you have to read the book.

There are some arenas in the book where I have really contradicted with the author. Her views on sex and love are controversial indeed and worth giving a thought and read. She says, " Love doesn't demand fidelity." She further says that if we love someone a lot they will return to us. My question is, am I an option or am I a doll? None right? I am a human being. And there is one more similar question in the same context where the author asks why can we not differentiate sex and love. 

With a dose of strong mentality and a different outlook, Bhaavna Arora nails her first attempt at this genre. To quote my favourite line, it will be -

"Rihana was once a lock that had lost its key-but now that Zara's love had come to her like the coolest breeze, life was beautiful."

I would just like to give a huge applaud for this wonderful theme. The execution could have been better since the story falls a bit in the middle but the start and end have done the job. I will rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.


  1. Booked my copy! It bettter be good

  2. Love the way you review like a normal indian

  3. Very original reviewing style. Though LGBT theme is not my cup of tea but I love the way you analyse and present the review of any book.

  4. Okay, this was a very interesting review. Although I am not keen to grab the book, I definitely liked the personal way you presented the review. Your mother's reaction on finding the book cover resonates well across most Indians and I truly wish that wasn't the case. I also like has written.
    A well-presented review of a book which seems to be different.

  5. It indeed a controversial subject, which had always been taboo with us Indians. Nicely reviewed!

  6. The personal touch in the beginning of the review made all the difference. Good job!!