Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Let The Game Begin | Sandeep Sharma - Book Review

Lately there was quite a buzz about this book which already had me waiting for the arrival of my copy from Amazon. A week before this, "Hey Dad...Meet my Mom" by the same author arrived and I was not so impressed with it. So I was wondering if LTGB will be worth it. But damn! I was so wrong. I just had to read the PROLOGUE, and its connection with the evergreen game of chess pulled me to read the book from start till the end!

So what is the story?

There are two parallel plots woven together with a sharp comparison of events that happened in the past and their recurrences. The plot begins with the enmity of two kingdoms, Chaturanga and Sarprakt and continues to narrate how the defeated king of Chaturanga comes back after 4000 years to take his revenge. The connection between these parallel plots is amazing and I just loved how the author has improved by leaps and bounds in his second novel.

What is the icing on the cake?

The beautiful narration of the history of chess through the voice of  "Historian Sir." I am a particular chess fanatic and I am pretty thrilled to know all this about a game I love. Who doesnt like to read and know more about stuff that he or she loves? And Sandeep Sharma did the same in his Novel with an overdose of mythology which, for me is amazing!

What was the first impression of the book?

When the book came in my hand after the delivery by a guy, I cut the box and before me was a yellow covered book with The King of Chess. Above it, a burning letter with almost faded writings. I tried to make out what it said but in vain. This added more to the mystery enveloping the book and I just hopped in.

Favourite Quote

Although I am an atheist, my favourite quote was -

"The moment when your heart's rhythm synchronizes with the chants of the holy temple, you find God in your soul."

Final Verdict

The story telling was just brilliant and so were the character sketches and narration of the Serial Killings. The use of italicized passages for the myth part was quite helpful for the readers since it made it not confusing at all and added to the interest! A must read for thriller lovers or even if you dont like it. This book will change your mind.


4 out of 5 stars. And a Chocolate for Tushti Bhatia :p

P.S. For those who dont know, Tushti is Sandeep's love interest. Their relationship began after his first published work. And this book and his improvement shows - "Behind every successful man, there is a woman!"


  1. The love story of the author! hahaha! The book looks quite awesome :)

  2. I've never read Sandeep Sharma, however, the way you reviewed the book, kindled an interest. I've always found mythological tales interesting, be they true mythology or fictional. Hope to read it soon!

  3. The plot seems quite interesting. I am always fascinated by tales of kings and mythology. This one looks quite promising. I loved the favourite quote of this one. Really made me think. Nice review. :) I might try this book now.

  4. What this book is about? I want to read it later this month. Do you think it's a good idea?