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Interview with Aditti Gaur

Aditti Gaur

When did you start writing and what does writing mean to you?

I had a habit of diary writing since school days which slowly became passion and that passion take me into this field. Now, I quit diary writing because my characters have taken that space. For me, now, writing is not just a way to express my thoughts instead it has become the quintessential part of my daily routine.

How did your debut Novel - Adhira happen?

I used to write scenes and dialogues in my diaries instead of my journals. One fine day my husband found one of my diary and he instantly came up with the idea of story writing. He was so sure that I can do this and this is how Adhira born out of my mind.

What are your views on Losing love? Can the feeling of love be lost?

Everyone loved and lost their someone special once in their life. That someone could be anyone, your mother – father, sister, friend, wife. We lose the person but their feelings remain attached with us. Love can be lost but feelings never die.

Book Launch of Adhira

Who was your inspiration for the novel?

I cannot point out exactly about one thing that inspired me to write Adhira. There are several situations which I’ve seen or faced which reflects in Adhira’s story. Apart from that Adhira itself is an inspiration. While sketching her character you need lot of patience, restraint and a positive mind.

Considering the genre, are you a romantic person?

Yes, I am. If finding happiness within little – little things calls someone romantic, then I am. If finding happiness in your favourite singers voice calls someone romantic, then I am. If finding happiness while reading a romantic scene calls someone romantic, then I am proud to be called a romantic person.

Quote from Adhira

Tell us some memorable incident related to the book.

There are lots of. But the most cherished ones are those 4 AM chats with my editor which we used to do to justify the changes we made in Adhira’s story.

Do you believe that writers are born and not made?

Creativity comes from within; you cannot force anyone to write.

Do you plan a sequel?

Yes, we are working on that.

What is your message to our viewers?

I have a message to my readers. If you are going to read Adhira, then please keep your over analytical mind aside and read it from your heart. She is a kind of character which can only be understand by a loving heart.

5 years hence, where do you see yourself?

Hopefully in a list of good authors!

Where can our readers contact you?

I am available on almost every social networking platform but I love to connect with my readers on my Facebook and Twitter page.

FB /adhira.aditti.gaur
Twitter /aditti13

Where can our readers buy your book?

Through Amazon. Go on and click here.

I hope you enjoyed this interview readers!

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