Sunday, 11 September 2016

An Interview with Anusha Das and Amrit Sinha

Hello readers, Today I will be interviewing a Writer Couple, Amrit Sinha and Anusha Sinha. My first question to you is, when did you start writing?
Anusha: I started writing as a teenager. I used to scribble few lines in the last pages of my notebook.
Amrit: I have been interested in writing since childhood. However, I started taking it a little too seriously once I joined my first job, in 2008.
Considering your passion for this common hobby, Did writing play Cupid between you two?
Amrit: Yes and no. Ours was an arranged marriage,but our families have known each other since years. When we first met (just as it happens with arranged marriages),we started with usual topics of likings and hobbies and all.I think what clicked was the common interests that we both shared,like reading and writing.And from then on, I knew, that she is the one for me.
Anusha: Well you can say that having common hobbies is very uncommon between couples,as we shared the same hobby it developed a kind of ease and likeness towards each other during the beginning of our relationship.
Well, Anusha, You seem introverted. How true is that?
Amrit: She isn't introvert at all, i am the one who is introvert!
Anusha : Yes exactly actually when we first met ,it was me who was doing all the talking.

Amrit : True...and I got instantly attracted when she said her favourite author was Nicholas Sparks!

Where do you publish your works?
Amrit : I have been published in four paperbacks till date. My debut was the short story The Last Note in Love Stories That Touched My Heart. Then came two poetry anthologies - Heartstrings and Convergence,each containing a poem by me.Recently,my new short story FLAMES got published in the anthology Curtain Call.Apart from that, I blog actively on .
Anusha: I publish my poems on my blog as of now

Tell us any bookish memorable incident from your life!

Amrit : Well, i would describe the publication of my first short story The Last Note was one of the happiest moments of my life. Not only did it give me new friends, it also instilled in me the belief that I can write. It made me a more confident writer,owing to the warm appreciation and encouragement I received.It gave me the courage to experiment,which I did in my recently published story FLAMES in the anthology Curtain Call.
Anusha: Well for me it was the first time when I published my poem on my blog,I least expected any compliment from other bloggers,but when I cheked my blog again I was surprised to find so many comments and compliments which really made me happy and I loved the appreciation which I received.Though it was a small thing but it really made my day and inspired me to continue blogging.
Amrit : And there is another special moment related to writing in my case.I got a really sweet surprise when Anusha wrote a poem for me, about our first meeting, after our match got fixed. *smiles*

Anusha - And on our special days like birthdays and anniversaries Amrit always has a poem ready for me ! *smiles back*

On a "Last Note" Share your future aspirations!
Anusha: We both would love to co-author a book together! I would also like to explore various forms of literature.
Amrit: We both want to move forward in this writing journey, publishing books, telling stories and rhyming poems. As of me, I have a few plots in my mind which has the potential to be a full fledged novel, and I am working on them. Anusha and I are also planning to co-write a book together. Let's see what life has to offer.😊

The Bookworm was amazed and stupefied at the cute chemistry of this sweet couple! Do visit their blogs and enjoy yourselves!


  1. I am looking forward to books and poems from this lovely couple

  2. I really enjoyed the interview. Thanks a lot :-)