Friday, 2 September 2016

An Interview with Anurag Shourie by The BookWorm

1. So I am shooting The Bookworm's mandatory question, what is writing to you?

Anurag- Writing to me is a means to express myself; sounds clich├ęd but then that’s the truth.

2. Why did you come up with the Medical Thriller genre in your book, ‘Half A Shadow’?

Anurag-Well, I am a doctor and therefore it becomes easy for me to relate to the lives and struggles of doctors. The hospitals likewise provide me with a familiar setting against which the events of my story can unfold.

3. Tell us something about your novel and its characters.

Anurag- ‘Half A Shadow’ is a ‘Mytho-medical thriller’. As the name suggests, it is a haunting saga of unbridled lust, unrequited love, unprecedented mayhem, and unfinished lives. It traces the journey of Aditya’s self-redemption who is half a soul; half a body; half a man; half a shadow.

4. Who was your inspiration behind this novel?

Anurag- My parents and my LIVI (laterally inverted virtual image).

5. Where do authors get the information they need for their novel?

Anurag- It depends on the genre that a book is written. I do not think that a romantic story needs any level of research. As far as ‘Half A Shadow’ is concerned, I had to do extensive research work. In order to lend a semblance of credibility to the flights of fantasy that this work of fiction entails, I had to browse through loads of Medical references. I also used various internet resources to pull information pertaining to the mythological events incorporated by me in my manuscript.

6. Who have read your novel before release? What did they say about it?

Anurag- My father, my younger sister and my ‘LIVI’. They loved the book but wanted the story to end on a happy note.

7. As a child, did you think that you will become an author?

Anurag- I was always writing, scribbling my thoughts on pieces of paper. Poetry has been my first love. I have been composing poems since a very young age. Yes, I have always dreamt of being a writer. Dreams do come true, eventually.

8. Share a secret with us.

Anurag- It would cease to be one if I did, right?

9. Ten years hence, where do you see yourself?
Anurag- Being interviewed by you on the release of my 10th book- An International bestseller.

10. What is the reaction this unconventional book received on its initial release?

Anurag- I have tried to venture into the realm of Medical Fiction which has not been fully tapped in the sphere of Indian Literature. I have coined the word ‘Mytho-medical’ thriller for the genre that my novel belongs to. The response has been good so far, though not overwhelming. People tend to get confused as to what to expect out of this unconventional story.

11. Where can our readers buy your book?

Anurag- ‘Half a Shadow’ is available online at Available on and PODINDIA.

12. Where can our readers contact you?

Anurag- My readers can contact me at For those with a lyrical bent of mind, my poetic wares are on display at my blog-

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