Sunday, 7 August 2016

Book Review - The Soft Target

Book - The Soft Target
Author - Kalyan Nanda
Price - 249
Publisher - NotionPress

One Liner

 The soft target is a completely unconventipnal story, with an unpredictable plot that tickles your those grey cells with an overdose of intellect. So people, here is what I have to say about this amazing read!


The darkish shade of the cover has the silhouette of a man punching in the air. Is it Man? Or is it God? I personally feel it is the protagonist of our story, Mohan Mishra. The use of contrasting colours for the Title makes it standout.


I think the title is appropriate as after completion I felt that it's more of a question that the author puts forth for the reader to draw a conclusion.


The plot unveils the story of a differently challenged young boy who seemingly has a mental problem which makes him look like a psycho in the society. He is cruelly mocked, beaten up, made fun of and tagged as "retarded". However, his underlying intelligence is a blow to everyone as he excels in his boards and bags an unbelievable rank in the IIT Mains, despite another severe blow to his life by God. His life is constantly shaken up and he is found desolated when he needed someone beside him. The author represents him as the "Soft Target" of God.


Mohan Mishra - A very talented young boy whom God keeps challenging at every step of life. However its my personal opinion that it's not God but Society who does not accept this extraordinary guy.

Samidha- Mohan's wife who understands him , contrary to the cruel society. At times, I felt that she understood him more than his parents did. She loves him dearly although she does not express it in her words, her actions ooze out the dedication she has towards him.

Brij- Mohan's funny friend with the "Tere Naam" haircut of "Bhai". He is the butt of jokes and manages to make everyone smile. He makes Revathy fall in love with him and soon they become a couple after a heartbreak faced by Brij.

Nikhil - A stammering problem makes this guy lose confidence in himself. However, his girlfriend Nisha supports him through the odds and her love is his only support system in the world where the society is just waiting for a chance to criticize him.

Revathy- The topper of IIT Mains who falls in love with Brij. Their relationship is a relief in the otherwise tragic tale.

Nisha- Nikhil's girlfriend who betrays him for his best friend. It is shocking that despite her initial love for Nikhil, she simply changes her mind due to his unavailability.


Betrayal - There are two cases of betrayal in the story which are quite relatable in todays emotional and political world.

Love- The Love story of Revathy-Brij and Mohan- Samidha is indeed pure and heartwarming, sure to make you feel really happy.

Courage- Mohan's courage is commendable as he fights God and World in his story, "The Soft Target" despite his challenges. He proves that everything is 

My Rating - 4.0/5.0

My Verdict 

A very intriguing read that grabs your head and eyeballs on the lines and you cannot put it down except for sleeping. Also, it is perfect for a long journey when no one accompanies you.

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  1. We read it, and agree with your assessment.

  2. Haven't read this book but looks pretty interesting... Will consider to spend time to read it..

  3. Yes Kylie! Keep tuned! You may also check out my YouTube channel!

  4. Yes Kylie! Keep tuned! You may also check out my YouTube channel!