Saturday, 27 August 2016

Book Review of Stupid Cupid by Ankit Sonthalia

Review Highlight

"A tale about hormonal "locha" , and coping up with the realisation of love and sacrifice, Stupid Cupid would bring tears to your eyes as the Author makes you realise the true beauty of love."


Engineer? Doctor? Chartered Accountant? Artist? Or something out of the box?

Students at the cusp of passing out from the high school are often occupied with such considerations and choices. With Suhaan, it was different. He wanted to do nothing. “Go with the flow” had been the motto of his life and he had always given life a chance to make decisions for him.
It’s only when he starts playing cricket for the college team that his passion is fuelled. He practices hard and gives it his all. But life is still keen on planning Suhaan's life. When he falls in love with Namrata, he is forced to choose one – passion or love. Will Suhaan make the right choice? Or will life once again call the shots for him?
Stupid Cupid is a tug of war between dreams and love.

Cover and Title

The Cover of the novel is something I am really pleased with since the foreground puts forward a cricketer who is our Suhaan and if you look closely, there is a silhoute of a female eye and nose in the background, supposedly his lady love. Also, cupid figure is shooting at the man which seems to strike him with the emotion of love!

The title of the book , well I am very satisfied with it because of the simple fact, LOVE IS STUPID. Cupid is said to be the lord of love so obviously, he is stupid too!


The Style of writing is simple and easy to understand. There is a little bit of adult content so prescribed age group is 13+.


The Characterisation is very amazing and we get to know a lot more into the depth of the people emotionally rather than physically. I admire the Author's efforts to explore the various aspects of human character and the research he has done to get so deep into the emotional base of the protagonists is very evident as I flipped through the pages of the story.

The best thing in Character Sketch is the gradual conversion of Suhaan from a playboy to a passionate lover to a hopeless guy who is struggling to breathe because his lady love takes away from him his passion for Cricket.

Justification to the Theme

Love. For a Woman. For Sports. These are the central themes of the story and there is a hell lot of cricket in the book which has actually let me know a lot about the game! Dont kill me, but I didnt really know much about this sport till I read this amazing book!

Negative feedback

Nothing really, just I wish the pages of my book were a bit more bright!


I will give the author and his book 4/5 star and a Munch for his hardwork !

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