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Book Review - The Colour of Love

The Cover
Is the Colour of Love the conventional Red? Or is it blue like the sky? Or white and peaceful? Opinions may vary, but Jagdeesh Joghee draws a simple conclusion to the query that has been asked numerous times. The Colour of Love is Yellow, which is also the colour of Friendship. Maybe That's why, the cover of the book has Yellow as the background colour and not the conventional Red. There is a couple under a tree. Holding hands. It's a symbolic of both Love and Friendship. 

Sarfaraz is brought up with a good value system by his devoted parents. With time, curiosity and adolescent growth pangs take him through many experiences. His first brush with girls starts with a friend, and slowly meanders into casual flirtatious affairs with girls at college. All through it, he realises that none of them have his undying, true love. A time comes when he realises who he truly loves, and in the midst of it all, he handles brutal enmity and takes on vile characters that misbehave with his friends. 

Sarfaraz grows up in Coimbatore where a series of bomb blasts occur. His identity is called in question, as his status as a Muslim makes people see him as an enemy. He loses something precious in the blasts and leaves to Sharjah, only for life to find him and surprise him.

Genre and Style 
The genre if the book is fiction and Romance which is a compatible genre with all mass out there. The style of writing is simple and descriptive with a detailed expression of the emotional characteristics of the people in the plot.

Justification of the Title

The title is apt and is rather a driving force into the story as it urges the readers to answer what is supposedly the colour of love? Also, the story explores the theme of the complicacies in the various religions and breaks the taboos of intercaste relationship since love has only one colour.


The characters are very realistic, A playboy, A possessive brother, a loyal and loving girl, all of whom we meet everyday around us. The relationship between the characters have often formed love triangles with a very unpredictable angle.


Three typing or printing errors. Apart from that is is absolutely fine.

My Rating


My Verdict

Although the first book by the author seemed better due to its unconventional plot, I was not completely disappointed. The story sinks down in the middle but the climax with the much less expected twist picks it up to heights.

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