Tuesday, 23 August 2016

An Interview with The Booknerds!

Hello readers! Today I am with two bright minds, Neha Raj Bhatnagar and Rohan Raj, who are the real brains behind "The BookNerds". This couple founded Booknerd a platform for promoting the love for books! Without any ado, let me ask my questions to this amazing duo!
The Booknerd

1) What is The Booknerd about?

Rohan: The initial idea was to create an online platform for readers,authors and to bring them closer.Subsequently we also started a book club in Dehradun which is expanding to more cities next year.We feel strongly about taking the love for reading to this generation and make it cool again.Our motive is to start book clubs in all the top educational institutions of the country.
Also we are a book and author promotion company.The vision is to empower budding writers.

2) Wow, that is amazing. I must say, you are doing a great job! So how did the Idea pop up?

Neha: The idea came to us when we were looking for avenues to quench our thirst for literature but did not find people who were really dedicated to the cause.So just one fine day we decided lets take the initiative to be the flag bearers.
Neha Raj

3)Commendable that you didn't wait around and took a step yourself! You both seem to have a strong partnership. So, how did you meet each other and since how long have you known each other?

Rohan : We are married and The Booknerds is our first baby.
Neha: It has been a joyride since we embarked on this literary journey last year in October.Its a fun ride and hoping for more in the future!

4) Well, this romance makes me feel so good! I see you guys very happy and established now, however, did you face any difficulties when you started your establishment online?

Rohan : Yes every day is a new challenge..we are constantly trying to innovate and provide the best experience to our visitors in fact our web literary platform has undergone a huge revamp and shall be back online from September 1.We know that there are always difficulties but our community motivates us to keep going!

5) I can't wait for Sept 1 ! What are your future plans with The BookNerds?

Neha: We are expanding the community to more cities during next year.
Next year shall be mostly about establishing www.thebooknerds.in as the quintessential literary platform.
Also we will be expanding the team so looking for nerds like us!
A lot of exciting surprises in store too which we shall reveal with time.
Rohan Raj

6)I hope you guys invade Kolkata too! I live there! Can you tell us what is your message for our readers?

Rohan: Yeah How can we forget The Lit Capital.We are coming soon!
Our message to the readers is Happy Reading,
Embrace the Nerd Within!

7) Haha amazing talking with you guys! Lastly, can you disclose a funny thing about each other?

Neha: Rohan is a nerd and an absent minded professor😄
Rohan : Neha is always so serious somebody please tell her to calm down and chill.😄

For all those booknerds reading this, get in touch for your litadvent to the founders below!

Rohan Raj

Neha Raj

 The Booknerds
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