Sunday, 21 August 2016

7 Amazing Quotes from Aman Arora Anthology

Poetry Lovers are always thirsty for amazing quotes. It is a normal tendency that others would not understand. Recently I read " Aman Arora Anthology" and I would say that I am deeply impressed by the collection of poems which are a gem in each and every one. Below I list some of the favourite poem quotes of mine, in his book.

1) On the other side of the hill,
Where the land is quiet and still,
In a little cottage of Sand and Stone,
Wake up with me on every dawn.

2) Nothing I regret,
Of all I ever said; just
The unsent letters.

3) She missed the silence, silenced between the two.

4) I love you like a secret wish,
One that's worth dying for.

5) There is no way you can break my heart.
Without breaking yours.

6) An escape to music, the window seat.

7) What do I seek in the face of a child
Is what I have lost in me with the growth of hair.

These are, as I said, Seven of my favourite quotes from the poems in the anthology! All poetry lovers must read this book cause I felt it's really beautiful!

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