Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Immortals of Meluha- Book Review

I bought The Immortals of Meluha suggested by some of my friends. The book is going to stay with me in my heart forever. And ofcourse, my bookshelf. 

Cover - The cover illustration grasps your eye as it focuses on the protagonist Shiva with scarred arms and a Trident. Also, it shows some brief appreciations of the book.

Title- Unveiling the entire purpose of the title will just spoil your suspense. Let me sum it up that the title is apt, surrounding the events of Meluha, a region in India Valley Civilization,where the people have access to  a special elixir that makes them immortal.

Genre- Fiction. The book encrypts history, myth and architecture with unstoppable imagination.

Plot- The book speaks of a real life person "Shiva", a Tibetan immigrant, chief of his tribe who reaches God-Like Amity due to his heroism. He has immigrated to Meluha for the safety of his tribe, destined to be the Neelkanth, the saviour of the Suryavanshis in Meluha who are in various sorts of trouble.

Villain- The Chandravanshis and The Nagas who are terrorising the Suryavanshis are the major villains. The Pakrati tribe also poses a threat to Shiva's tribe.

My favourite quote- " When evil reaches epic proportions, when all seems lost, when it appears that your enemies have triumphed, a hero will emerge."

Characterisation: The Central Character Shiva is supported by Nandi, captain of Meluhan army. The physical description of Shiva as well as his skills is mindblowing and you can see him dance, fight and emerge into the "Neelkanth" before your eyes. Then there is Sati, Shiva's love interest, princess of Meluha. She has been described magnificently and the character sketch once again proves efficient, you dont read the lines, you see the sketch. Other characters include Ayurvati, chief of medicine in Meluha, Emperor Daksha, etc. Characterisation is perfect in all the people, and you can practically form them in your head.

Sequels - Sequels to The Immortals of Meluha are The Secret of the Nagas and The oath of the Vayuputras.

My Verdict- The immortals of Meluha is a book that you can carry with you anywhere, any day, read it anytime and yet it will fascinate you more. Its unputdownable unless you finish it, every word attracts you into it more and more into it and leaves behind angry parents for not coming to dinner on time, not going to bed all night.

My Rating- I would give Amish a 10/10.

If you have not read this book yet, go ahead buy it now!

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