Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Banyan Tree

Shivam and I grew up in the same colony. In our colony most of them were Hindus apart from us and the Sheikh's. Shivam and I were the only kids in the colony hence we bonded quite well against our parents wishes. We used to play every evening, sometimes sneak out to the local rivulet or behind a big Banyan Tree a few hundred metres away. It was on such an evening we confessed our love as teenagers. We carved the initials of our names on the banyan tree. R loves S .I
n those days, telephones had not arrived. One fine day, I got the news Shivam left. Where? When? Why? I dd not get these answers.
I am married now, and whenever I visit my home, I take my husband to the Banyan tree, show him the carved names and we smile at my childhood love story.
However, I never tell him that every time I visit it, I deepen the alphabets.

© Saheli Chatterjee,2015.

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