Sunday, 31 July 2016

Book Review - When Thoughts Invade the Cancer Conqueror

When thoughts invade the Cancer Conqueror is a novel by S Nilakanta Siva and Rajalakshmi Siva penned down on the woes of bladder cancer. The book is a nonfictional fiction that aims to shout out to the society which has found tobacco as its new "cool".

Cover - I am not really pleased with the cover and if possible I would have wanted a better cover. However the image is apt for the title.

Title- The title is very unique as the book represents itself as a thought box of a person who has won a battle against bladder cancer.

Blurb - "There is no escaping the crimes of the past, discovers Kuppuswamy. The price for smoking away his youth has to be paid. And pay he does, in the form of gross hematuria and bladder cancer. While cancer eats away at his insides, Kuppuswamy does not let it kill his spirit to fight. Fortunately, he is not all alone in this battle, as an army of doctors, support staff, family and friends come to his aid in full force. As he wages a war against the dreaded disease, through several bouts of painful surgery and frequent reviews, a few surprises await him. Amid premature celebrations, minor hiccups and major shocks, Kuppuswamy emerges a winner. 
Minus a bladder, prostrate and several lymph nodes, Kuppuswamy pads up for a new innings. He realizes that life minus a few organs isn't all that bad. Though he has to depend on external aids, which initially proves to be cumbersome and embarrassing, Kuppuswamy gradually accepts the new reality even as thoughts invade the cancer conqueror."

What I loved  : The deep messages by a 70 something man who cared enough for sending out his message to our generation. 

The knowledge about several problems except lung cancer that are caused due to smoking.

The supportive wife of Kuppuswamy.

The narration, appropriate with no beating about the bush.

My Verdict - A must read for the GEN Y.

My rating - 4/5.

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  1. Interesting review on an issue that afflicts lives. I am a chain smoker and gotta be careful now:)

    1. Vishal, please do quit as fast as you can; immediately if possible. Read the book to understand the gory details.

  2. It is not really right ettiquette for an author to debate the views of a reviewer. But since it would be useful information for all we venture to state the raison d'etre of the cover as it appears. The golden yellow is the internationally adopted colour for the ribbon loop for bladder cancer; just like the pink ribbon loop for breast cancer. The real protagonist of the story is the ligated kidney and the basketted bladder and prostate secondary to bladder cancer and hence takes centre stage on the cover. The usual drab no-smoking sign, or a cigarette dangling from the mouth of a dilapidated wasted face or evn more a skill bones would have been too - opposite of awesome - awful.

  3. Really interesting story :)

    1. Thanks, I hope you enjoy other articles as well. Do follow us!