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Book Review - The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Kumar Jain

Book - The Seventh Cup

Author - Nitesh Jain


Pages- 315

Price- 300 INR

Blurb - The Seventh Cup by Nitesh Kumar Jain is a well-crafted mystery novel that contains just enough elements of a Shakesperean tragedy to make the reader sympathetic to the sociopathic protagonist, Avinash, a drama student from Goa, India.Enter Verona Schmidt, an unsuspecting Swiss exchange student, to upstage everyone in the college Dramatics Club and to become front and center in Avinash s peculiar frame of mind. Over coffee at the local Nescafe, Avinash introduces Verona to the concept of mind transportation, which she perceives as nothing more than a fun game she is playing with a young man who seems to be flirting with her. The exchange student enjoys Avinash s company and co-stars with him in his play put on by the Dramatics Club of their college. She eventually allows herself (despite her claim to having a so-called boyfriend named Kevin) to enjoy champaigne and a kiss with Avinash. Dismissing the romantic moment as a drunken mistake, Verona flees back to Switzerland with the obsessed Avinash in hot pursuit across the globe.

Cover - The cover is absolutely amazing and the two words that grabbed my attention were "Mind Transportation." I really wanted to know what this is, and honestly, I was not disappointed. Also, I read through the words and I felt an immediate attraction to the character, VERONA.

Title - The Title is completely apt, "The Seventh Cup" is a cup of coffee. The prime protagonist Avinash, drinks Seven Cups of coffee which results in some weird activities by him. However, it is unclear that if he is mentally unstable or not.

Genre - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller.

Characterisation -

Avinash Roy- The prime character. I am in awe of this character. Kudos to the author who could even think of giving birth to such a complex and intriguing character. Avinash led me to the world of "Mind Transportation" and I found this phenomenon extremely awesome! You must buy the book to read about it and visit a world you can only dream of. For real. 

Verona Schmidt - A Swiss student who comes to Goa in a student exchange program. Avinash falls head over heels in love with her. He is heart broken as Verona reveals of her boyfriend, Kevin. However, soon Verona goes missing. Initially, Avinash complains of her being missing but suspiciously, eight months later, he seems to be meeting every day with her spirit. 

Thomas and Susanne Wanner - Detectives working together. They are married and their romance is a lovely relief in the otherwise serious plot which made my head buzz in its deep understanding. They took up the case of Missing Verona Schmidt and put back all the pieces of a puzzle together.

Other eminent characters are Ria,Professor Shantanu, Kevin and Preetam Das.

My favourite Elements

Mind Transportation - I used to comprehend this as some sort of teleportation but this phenomenon is entirely different yet amazing! I am sure you will love it!

Avinash's Play - Avinash's Play, "In Search of Truth" is a story within the story that is mysterious in itself. We find many characters who puzzle us about their real existence. The names are equally intriguing, namely - Chashmish, Offensive and Intensive.

The Romance - Thomas and Susanne have a beautiful stock phrase they keep sharing when Susanne ponders why they got married. It ought to make you smile.

She says," I still dont know why I married a Swiss guy."
He always replies ," And I always knew I would marry an American Woman."

Flaws- Only one grammar mistake on page 147. Rest is a neat novel.

My Verdict - The book had me on the edge of my seat and I kept sighing in the last 100 pages as one my one shocking revelations were made. I really loved it and I suggest all mystery lovers and book lovers to read this for seeing a movie in a book.

My Rating - 4.5/5.

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