Sunday, 24 July 2016

Book Review - The Ribbon Trap by Shine Syamaladevi

So here you are reading the review of " The Ribbon Trap" by Shine Syamaladevi which is his debut novel as well. The book is a perfect blend of mystery and Romance and the tone of the story is very serious with no major humor in it.

Cover - The cover is utterly amazing, a darkish tinge of mystery, a red tint of love and the silhouette of a woman, walking alone upto what supposedly looks like a lake. Mystery lovers, gonna fall in love at once!

Title - The justification of the title is equal to the whole story and I don't want to be blamed for plagiarism of Shine Syamaladevi's book. Let me sum up that it is very catchy and "Ribbon" is not it's usual meaning .

Plot - The story is based around Smita, a very bright woman who is tricked in a conspiracy and undergoes various types of torture unless she starts fighting back and goes back the same road to punish the guilty and unravel the secrets of a political world. Anita imbibes power from her love, Krishnaprem, without whom I do not think Smita would have discovered the strength in herself.

Characterisation - 

Krishnaprem - An Orphan who is struggling to find his family through hard work, in the form of Smita as his wife. He is her support system and she is his reason to live. He stays like her shadow, caring for her and looking after her well-being. 

Smita - Shero of the story. She is a bright girl with a bright future ahead, who is doomed due to a mishap shortly after joining as an IAS officer. However, she does not give up and fights back for her life and her love. Every woman ought to be inspired by her and her courage and self respect. 

Rasheed - Smita's assistant in her quest of the culprits who devastated her life. His supporting and daring nature helped them unravel the true motives and masterminds behind the well planned conspiracy.

The unsung hero -

Krishnaprem and Smita's undying love. Often kids marry in an hormonal impulse in the school days but these two stuck to their promise years after years without any fail. Their trust did not fumble even when they were miles away.

My favourite part - The first 7 chapters. *wink* It is the best thing about the book I believe.

My Verdict - This book is something I would like to suggest all women and girls specially because you are special and you are not going to stop no matter what obstacle may come forth.

My Ratings - 4.5/5.

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  1. More than anything, it's the review that makes me want to buy this book. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Deep. We will try to get this to the Author ASAP. Happy reading.

    2. Hi Deep Downer, thank you for the comment.
      The book is a a thriller, at the outset. But more than that...
      It's about love.
      It's about life.
      It's about dreaming.
      It's about achieving.
      More than anything...
      It's about confronting one's fate and winning over it.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review Saheli Chatterjee

  3. Excellent & a genuine review ! Plot is superb. A new word for a lady protagonist - SHERO ! Kudos ! - ARVIND NARSIMA