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Book Review of The Investigator Series : Arya- A New Beginning by Arvind Narsima

Hello, today I am going to review the book The Investigator Series- Arya a New Beginning by Arvind Narsima. This book is basically of the genre mystery suspense and thriller. If you are expecting this book to be a conventional one you will be proven wrong. Mr Arvind Narsima has used all the unconventional tools in this Masterpiece.

Cover - The cover is beautiful and puts forth the silhouette of a detective over a red city background.I felt that the cover has an old age feeling to it.

Title - There is absolutely no question on the justification of the title because it's very clear and to the point. You can easily guess that this is the beginning of a new series of investigation stories , the central attention is grabbed by Arya and you cannot wait to meet him.

Genre - Suspense Thriller.

Style - The style of writing is very impressive, the chapterwise distinction of the convergent plots that form the entire story is marvellous. 

Plot - Arya, a handsome,shrewd, witty and an intelligent officer who is optimistic in his life despite his haunting past is brought to Chennai and commissioned to CB CID. He solves two complicated murders even before officially joining, much to the amazement of his senior Shivani Verma, who slowly develops a liking for him despite her initial disliking.

On the other hand, in BBAL web of messed up relationships, adorned by lust , treachery, infidelity and greed. Everyone has two faces, you never know which is true and which is false. Four gruesome murders. Will Arya find out the killer before it's too late?

Characterisation -

Abinaya - Abinaya , a 32 years old lady with two kids, represents a modern Indian lady, struggling for her freedom from her monstrous husband Nataraj. She gets into a complicated web of relationships with Srinivasan, her husband's friend, Avinash, her boss' son and Lenish, Avinash's friend. As the story proceeds wee see the gradual conversion of Abinaya from an innocent loving woman to a treacherous mind that cared for anything except loyalty.

Arya - Arya is an unconventional detective. He doesn't follow rules and is anything but grim and serious. He can tell everything about your personality , so amazing is his sixth sense, just by looking at you and your eyes? Girls, Dream Man right?

Arya is a lesson for us. He teaches you the value of patience and that you should never stop smiling despite what life put you through. He is brave and sure about himself, he oozes confidence around himself.He is someone you would want to be friends with. I assure by the time you finish reading this book, you would be wanting more of Mr. Arya.

Avinash- A clever businessman, who can go to any extent for money. He tries to use Abinaya as a bait but is tricked himself, and ends up as a loser.

Hasini - Wife of Srinivasan , Dr. Hasini reminded me of Mary Maloney in Roald Dahl's "Lamb to the Slaughter". I guess saying more will act as a spoiler.

Lenish- A womanizer who follows the motto, " I get what I want." However, in the course of the story, he is the first one to be punished for his sins.

Nataraj - Abinaya's abusive husband who treats her like his own possession. The character ought to make you fume with anger owing to his behavior with his wife. Sad, in India, so many such men are there who put on a falsehood of gentleman and unmask the monster in privacy , causing domestic violence.

Shivani - SSP of Police. She has a stony front for men since her divorce and is the ultimate protector for her 4 year old daughter. She is dedicated to work and had a plan to stay miles away from romantic relationships, unless Arya came along.

Srinivasan- Nataraj's friend who comes as a relief to Abinaya's drought prone world. However, there is a darker side to this man which you would love to explore. 

All the characters are amazingly sketched, the hard cover of Shivani, the innocence of Hasini, the monster in Nataraj. I can hardly believe this is merely Arvind Narsima's debut novel.

My Verdict - Read this book for you just have to make those grey cells work and who knows, maybe you can solve the case before Arya? Apart from the main case, you also have two starters, the Velmurugan case and the Seetharamaiyya case which is no less interesting, especially due to Arya's amazing sixth sense.

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My Rating - 4.5/5.

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