Saturday, 16 July 2016

Book Review- Elements of Life by Inderjit Kaur

Elements of life by Inderjit Kaur is the second book in her Living Series. This book has touched me in various ways and it is one of those books you are going to need often. Here is why -

COVER - The cover is colourful and complementary to the title as it puts forth the images of the four basic elements of life - Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

TITLE - The title is apt for the book as it contains the parallel comparison of the secret to leading a happy life with the four basic elements of life.

GENRE- Inspirational and Motivational.

PLOT-  The book is a collection of short chapters in the first part where the author enlightens the readers soul with her wisdom penned down carefully with deep meaning in every line and gives you a lot to think about. You may agree, you may disagree but you can just not ignore the facts she states in a gentle manner. Basically, the chapters influence you to :

*Live Purely like Air
*Flow Courageously like Water
*Glow Compassionately like Fire
*Move gratefully like Earth.

In the second part, you can get involved with the book a lot more as it proposes to be your journal and you can be greatly influenced by the pearls of wisdom that now have been trying to enter your daily life in the form of your journal.

"In your darkest hour,never worry that there's no hope for the future. You are the author of your own destiny, you get to decide the next chapter."

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK FOR - People who are living a stressed life, feel melancholy often and are looking for their purpose in life. You won't feel like you are reading a book, you will rather feel as if your friends are cheering you up.

MY VERDICT - This book is never going inside my shelf. Me, my mother or my father are always flipping through. On a sad day, you will have huge relief in this book.


MY RATING - 4/5.

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