Thursday, 21 July 2016

Book Review - Destiny of Shattered Dreams by Nilesh Rathod

" A tale of yachts and hidden Swiss accounts, sordid affairs of lust, intrigue and exhilarating highs. Nilesh Rathod's Destiny of Shattered Dreams is also the story of innocence forever lost." - Could not agree more after reaching the last page of the book.

Cover -The cover has a 3-D feel to it which really impressed me and you are gonna love that feel! The Cover has crooked line passing through the middle which signifies a greater part of the plot already.

Title- The title is very interesting, however it does not give any solid idea of what the story is going to be and thus it makes you very inclined to buying the book and unravel the mystery.

Genre- Fiction

Style - The style of writing is simple and beautiful. The inclusion of couplets in Hindi just adds to the beauty of this novel.

Plot - Atul, founder of TTL, is a pathetic man struggling in his life for money, happiness and love. He is ambitious and nothing is going to play a hindrance to his dreams. The story just focuses on Atul, his decisions that lead him to a dark tunnel at the end of which there was no light and no returning back.

Characterization -

1) Atul - An ambitious man, who can do anything for success. His decisions are whimsical. His dual personality ought to anger you. He is not a responsible family person though and that ought to 
anger the reader. The central character of a story is a hero, conventionally, but in my views Atul is the villain in this entire story! However, even though you hate him, he just gets more mysterious and you cant stop exploring what happens next!

2) Aarti - The third lady of the story. A confident, calm and composed young woman. She is much more sensible than Atul and plays a major role in the plot development.

3) Roshni - Atul's wife, who is perhaps the most miserable person in the story. You ought to feel bad for her, the way Atul treats her and you almost cry when her dreams shatter. I personally feel, the entire story could have been as well written from Roshni's perspective and it would be no less amazing.

There are some more characters, well-built, such as Qazi, Aditya, Elisabeth, etc who also give a push to the plot. 

Favourite line -

" What do you call destiny, this I do not know,
Transforming, altering forms it too shall my extant relish."

My Verdict- This book is a certain two times read, you cant have enough in one time read. It is tragic and emotional, that will stir you deep within. So go on, grab this book at -

My rating - 4/5.

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