Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Author Interview - Surbhi Sareen!

Today I am interviewing Surbhi Sareen, a pretty young lady with a talented thought box. She has contributed in seven anthologies as yet and we hope we get to read a novel by her soon.

1. So, what is writing to you?

Writing is just like breathing to me. I feel I can survive without water but can’t survive without writing doesn’t matter whether its a quote, snippet, paragraph, essay, story or my blog. I am head over heels in love with writing.

2. What do your family members think about your writing?

Well, coming to my parents, they think I am a crazy person who just lock herself in a room to write. When I am writing nobody dares to enter my room. They have accepted my passion for writing and they just dont believe in creating hindrance with my space. Even, they love to flaunt my works which makes me happy. It is there gesture of showing how proud they feel about me.

3. Do you ever get a Writer's block? If yes, how do you overcome it?

Yes, I do face writer’s block. The longest I faced was for 2 years which made me quite depressive. See, writer’s block is just the blockage of creative ideas in your mind and you don’t need others to make you overcome it. It can be overcome by you only as everything lies in your head. You have all the answers to your problems. When I am at such a situation, I start reading books. This gives me some break and even ideas so that I can resume writing. Other ways is testing yourself like write snippets, write on picture prompts or some quotations.

4. As a child where did you want to see yourself?

I always wanted to be part of stories or wanted to create stories and now when I look back, I notice I am actually doing that. I create characters and become a part of story by involving myself in it.
5. Who is your inspiration?

There are many people who inspire me. Actually, I would not name anyone as all those related to me have inspired me some way or the other so the credit goes to all not just a single person.

6. Are the characters of your stories a part of you?

Well, most of my stories are fictional but one story is completely related to me so the characters in it involve me, i.e. Thank you Angel Ma which is a part of Turning Point of Life edited by Ruchi Rai and Me.

7. Who is your favourite author? Please tell us, Why?

My favourites keep on changing with time. I don’t stick to one author, I keep on moving and keeping others in my heart and reviews especially. These days I have develop a liking for Memoirs of Geisha by Arthur Golden which is an amazing book highlighting the life of a young girl Chiyo who later gets baptised to Sayuri and becomes a Geisha. You can read my review at my blog and you will get a better picture and answer to why I love this author’s work :
8. Where can the readers contact you?
The readers can contact me at my main id :
Instagram: Sur1826
Snapchat: Sur2618
Even you can read my works at:

9. Where can the readers buy your anthologies?

Book of Dreams- currently unavailable
The next two books are International Journals which are not available online.

10. Any message for young talents in the writing world?

I would like to say that write the best story, find the reputed and trusted publisher. I hope my single sentence might have said enough.

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