Sunday, 3 July 2016

Author Interview- Shivi Pandey

Welcome all,
Today I take great pleasure in interviewing Shivi Pandey, Author of "Love Story? Seriously!"
I would like to thank Shivi for agreeing to this interview. It is rare to see such a 24-year-old coming up with so beautiful a book. 

1.     So, What does Writing mean to you?
Ans- Writing for me is a passion and a getaway to a world I have ever imagined to live in.

2. How did "Love Story? Seriously!" Happen?
Ans- Something from within always urged me to write something but what exactly was not known. After a lot of happenings that took place around me I figured out Love Story? Seriously!

3. What was your inspiration for the novel?
Ans- The inspiration behind this were many but it was due to 3 special ladies that I had to pen it down.
4. What is "Love Story? Seriously!" About?
Ans- It is all about falling in and out of love. Hope and dismay, belief and losing trust.  It is a complete summary of Samar’s entire life and his unsuccessful love interests.
5. Tell us something about yourself that no one knows.
Ans Umm..I might write good but I do not speak as good as I write. I mean I am not as good an orator as I am a writer.
6. Who are your favourite Authors?
Ans- Ashwin Sanghi is my  all time favorite.

7. Any favourite quote/s from "Love Story? Seriously!"?
Ans- The mortal inexplicable heart still wishes for that someone, still believes it to be a personal belonging, still longing for her charm but the obsessed partially ruining heart is a silent lover. I wish this excruciating desire would carve its path towards you someday and thy hearts brutal deaf ear would catch hold of it just to be in coalition with my avid humble pinching pain that penetrates my nerves plundering each molecule of my precious bloody blood.

8. What message do you give to young writers?
Ans- Just write and forget the rest. Do not fear the response of the readers just try to give your best.
9. Any chances of a sequel?
Ans- I have been thinking a lot about it. There is a serious chance I will write a sequel because it’s just one side of the story.  The other side to needs to be heard.

10. 10 years hence, where do you picture yourself?
Ans- 10 years from now I would be 34 years old and 10 books at least. I never know lets see what the future beholds.

Can't wait for the sequel Shivi Pandey!

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