Monday, 25 July 2016

Author Interview - Aradhya

Today I have here with me Mr. Arun Prabhu who discovers or rather unravels his writer soul under the pen name - Aradhya. He debuted with his novel - " Count your chicken before you lay them"  and is soon coming up with its Sequel "Niharika" which is set to release mid- August. Let's get started!

1) Why do you call yourself Aradhya?

I write in first person since it gives better connectivity with the readers. One of my friends suggested not to write in first person, since I write fiction story and it seems I was writing my biography. So I thought the best way out would be to write under a pen name. I searched for a unique pen name and I liked the name Aradhya. At that time there was no other famous person named Aradhya. Little did I know that at that very moment Shri Amitabh Bachchan ji was also looking for a name for his granddaughter? And no wonders her name was also chosen Aaradhya. As fate may have it I gifted my first copy to Amitabhji in person and since then I always gift my first copy to him. I have also gifted Niharika my upcoming book to him.

2) What is " Niharika " about?

Niharika is a story about a very successful corporate lady who has a bad personal life. She is a divorcee with a girl child who has grown up in the absence of her father.
The book talks about the journey of this lady. A self-help book by nature it has a unique way of relating the life scenario with a storyline. Every character in the story leaves a message.
In today's world where women empowerment is in the limelight this book is very much for a lady who is experiencing life pressures.
This book is for women who often do loose hope when things don't work their way. The book motivates the readers, guides them as to how to lead a happy life which they had never dreamt off. The book aims at changing the way people look at life, marriage and divorce. It is meant to help people save their marriages, be good partners, understand what marriage is all about.

3) Tell us how you came up with your debut novel.

I am a management graduate and a college gold medalist. I rose very well in my job. Then I started my own business and did very well in that. But unfortunately I lost all my money in couple of years. My bankruptcy forced me to do introspection as to why people fail even when we do everything as per books. I read books by successful writers, attended seminars and that gave me the insight as to what makes people successful. I started penning down my thoughts and eventually my thoughts became my first book. While reading self-help books one thing which struck me is that most of them are written in dry format. This may not interest many readers. So I started weaving the thoughts around love stories. Count Your Chicken Before you Lay Them is a story of a person who has lost everything at age 40 and has become a negative thinker, drunkard, pessimist and suicidal. The story is about how he meets a mentor and how his life changes 180 degrees and how love again enters his life. The book is fiction based story and is meant to motivate and guide people as to how to live a successful life.

4) Which time of the day is the best for writing?

Generally any time when we are motivated is the best time for writing. But I prefer early mornings as the best thoughts come to our mind at those hours.

5) Tell us a bit about your family.

Well I would say that my readers are my family and I love them a lot.

6) What is writing to you?

Writing to me is my way of life. I had been writing since I was a child but never had any way of expressing them. Since I started writing my first book way back in 2010 and the advent of social media there has never been a day when I have not written anything, whether it is a book , social media platform or my blog.

7) Who is your inspiration?

I have many inspiration in all spheres of life. I have lot of favorite authors, cine stars , leaders, my coworkers, my parents. I get inspired by whosoever I meet since everybody has something to be inspired about. Specifically I am very much inspired by my idol Shri Amitabh Bachchanji and my guru Sai Baba ji.

8) Name your favorite authors and why do they stand on a different pose in your idea?

I have a lot of authors who have inspired me in different genre. To name a few would be injustice. But I would like to thank Arthur Canon Doyle , P G Wodehouse , Stephen Covey , Robert Kiyosaki, Florence Litteur , David Shwartz , Dale Carnegie , Sydney Sheldon etc.

9) Ten years from now, where do you picture yourself?

Writing more , making movies , running my NGO , my school and my hospital.

10) Any message for our readers?

Read more and more and be choosy. Read good books.

11) Where can the readers buy your books?

All of the ecommerce sites. Most airports and some of the book stalls.

12) Where can the readers get in touch with you? ,,  facebook Arun Prabhu-aradhya.

P.S. I am jealous about the meet with AB. 😛