Saturday, 16 July 2016

Author Interview- Ankit Sonthalia

Today I am Interviewing Ankit Sonthalia, the author of Stupid Cupid which is also his debut novel. I would like to thank him for answering my questions.

1. So, Ankit Sir, what is writing to you?

I am into construction business and I stay busy a lot. Hence, between running after money and some more money, writing is where I find my quantum of solace.

2. Stupid Cupid speaks a lot of cricket, how far a cricket fanatic are you?

 I am crazy about cricket. I have followed it since my childhood and absolutely love the sport. There have been uncountable occasions when I have been up all night just to watch a game.

3. Where do you imbibe your inspiration from?

 Stupid Cupid took birth because of my wife Ankita. I used to write short notes and a few romantic things for her. I am a very lazy person and tend to wander off from my targets. She is the one who forced me to divert this energy into something meaningful.

4. Being an author requires a lot of patience, is that true? 

 Yes, it is absolutely true. The journey of Stupid Cupid, if not anything else, has taught me one thing which is to be patient. There used to be days at a stretch when I couldn't write a single word. To deal with that frustration used to be one hell of a task.

5. If you had to choose between your passion and your love interest, sir, what would you choose?

Well honestly, I have been lucky in this aspect. I was deeply in love with Ankita since my school days and she was and remains to be my passion in life!

6. Any favourite quote from Stupid Cupid?

"Nothing in this world is good or bad. It is human nature to disregard what they have and crave for what they don't. But remember one thing, rare are those people who get true love in life, and you are one of those."

7. What does your family think about your writing?

They have been more supportive than I even expected. They have been my strength. Also, they have read the story and fortunately liked it a lot as well.

8. Who is the first reader of your musings?

It is my wife Ankita. Nobody else knew anything about it till the release. She has helped me a great deal.

9. As a child what did you want to be?

 A cricketer! Just like all the rest of my friends!

10. Where do authors get information from?

Travelling really helps. It is sort of my nature to study people, their cultures, and study about the places I visit. It really gives food to your thoughts.

11. Ten years hence, where do you see yourself?

I see myself as an author whose stories are absolutely loved by people. Doesn't matter if I write one more novel or ten. People should love my work; that is what matters the most.

12. Any message for our readers?

Well, I would like to let them know that it is a pleasant read for all the youngsters out there. I would also like to earnestly request everyone to give their reviews. Whether they like it or not, I would like them to get in touch with me after they read it. They can email, tweet or ping me on the Facebook page.

13. Where can the readers buy your book?

 They can buy it on all the e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart. It is also available on all the leading book stores across India.
Here's the link to buy the book:
Amazon  =>
Flipkart =>
Infibeam =>

14. Where can the readers contact you?

They can contact me via-
Twitter: @ankitsonthalia1
Facebook page:

15. Any chances of a sequel? If yes, please tell more about it.

 Interesting question! Yes, some of the readers have shown an eagerness to know more about Suhaan's life but honestly, I haven't given it a serious thought yet. Let's wait and watch!
Thank you!

So what are you waiting for??
 Grab your copies now!

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