Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Author Interview - Aniruddha Pathak

Today I am interviewing a young bud in the author's forest, Aniruddha Pathak. He is the author of “Canvas of a Storyteller”, a collection of short stories, which is about to be launched in the month of August.
Without any delay, let me start.

So, Aniruddha, What is writing to you? 
Writing to me is a passion. Everything that I see around makes a mark into my writing, and every person that plays a part in my life has a place in my stories. Writing for me is something which comes naturally many a time; if not, then I would gradually spend days thinking about the prose that I want to write. I am comfortable writing any genre; talking about my forte, it includes satire, psychological thriller and horror.  
As a child, what did you dream to be? If an author, why?

If today I pick up the slam books where I had written my aspirations, it would majorly contribute for either a degree in Engineering or Medical. Somewhere I had written to be a Scientist as well. But nowhere had I written that ‘I want to be a writer or an author’; for in my childhood, those professions were alien to me.

What does your family think about your writing?

They are quite open for its acceptance. I started writing poems when I was in fifth. That time I had received recognition from my parents. They have been supporting my choice for writing since then, and the same goes for today. My parents have been generous enough to provide me with books to read, and trusting me when I said I wanted to self publish my book. Their positive approach at my efforts speaks a thousand words, I would say. My younger brother is my beta reader, only if the content is not 16+, he he.

Who is your favorite author? Why is it so?

Ratnakar Matkari. He is a Marathi author who writes horror; he is the reason why I started writing the same genre. His plot and storytelling has its own essence, which amazes me to the core.
He is a respectable personality, and down to earth as well. 

Do you like Shakespearian language? Would you like to write a play in Shakespearian English?

To be honest, I haven’t read Shakespeare much; apart from textbooks. But I understand his poetry – I can say that because I have taught one of his poems to one of my (academic) juniors.
About writing a play in Shakespearian English? Not really…not in distant future. Let me quote it this way: ‘Shakespeare is Shakespeare’.  

Tell us about your upcoming Novel.

Canvas of a Storyteller, is a non-fictional fiction. It is a collection of short stories where the characters are real life inspired; and has a touch of interactive storytelling. The characters tell their own stories, whereas many a time they converse with my alter ego – Ani. One could relate to it, and find itself somewhere in those stories.

Who is your inspiration?

With no hesitation I can say that my readers have been my all time inspiration. Their appreciations, the way they trust me, the way they encourage me to write more…says it all. Sometimes a reader might share its life with me, and that would let me weave a story for him/her. Their support is indeed unmatchable. 

If not an author, what would you be? 
I study Computer Science. So definitely that is my primary profession. Writing is my passion; a vital part of my life. 

How did Canvas of a Storyteller happen?

As I said earlier, readers have been interacting with me immensely; their stories helped me bud an idea of Canvas of a Storyteller. I found out that many of the voices are suppressed, and hesitation has caused people to not speak their hearts out. So I decided to voice them out. Canvas of a Storyteller isn’t based on one topic but on many. It is of people, by people, for people, only by yours truly.

Any message for the readers and young writers?

For young writers, I would say that: Write whatever that strikes your mind; just one thing needs to be constant, and that is improvements. Accept the criticism and make grammar an important element of your storytelling. Grammar adds the required taste to your write-up – never ever forget that.
For readers: I already talked about it. It’s the effort of my readers who have uplifted me all the time.

Where can the readers buy your book? 

Canvas of a Storyteller would be releasing in mid-August. It would be available as paperback on all the leading portals, namely Amazon, Flipkart, Bookscamel, etc.
It would be also available as eBook on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Store, Google Books, etc. 

Where can the readers contact you?
Readers, you can see me blogging at

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