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Primrose's Curse by Kiara Shankar and Vijay Shankar : Review

Primrose's curse is a book written primarily by a little girl- so when you pick this book up it may remind you of your childhood when you read fairy tales, and wished to write one. Kiara Shankar amazes me with her novel, and I find it inspiring that a child is writing so well! Despite being aided in her endeavour by her father, the primary work of the book is by her and I cheer her efforts which are quite successful for her age.

The plot itself reads like an amalgamation of two of my favourite Children's Classics - Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz and I am sure the little author has also read these books.  Primrose Fernetise is a beautiful 12 year old who works tediously to support her family in the absence of her mother. When her father suffers a stroke, she goes out in the quest for a divine flower that will cure his paralysis - and thus begins the magical story with the woodland animals.

Primrose is hardworking, compassionate and brave, but also sarcastic and sceptical at parts which makes her character's traits more convincing. When she engages in the quest to defeat the evil queen of Hellevue Island, I am surprised by how easily the speaking animals convince her. A critical eye would doubt this, but a child might not- which is why I feel the book is more suited for kids.

The following part almost feels like Alice falling into the hole :

"The moment she touched the stem of the flower, her body felt an experience like she was on top of the world filled with overwhelming ecstasy."

And I love the references to Hedwig, Munchkins, etc. The plot lacks originality as it's built on several existing tropes - but it definitely is a perfect version of reimagination and retelling genres.
I can't wait for what Kiara Shankar writes as she Grows up!

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The Secret of The Palamu Fort by Razi : A Review

The Secret of The Palamu Fort is a mystery novel of a kind, along the lines of Ray's works. Let's look into the novel that took me back to Feluda, and other icons of sleuths in its pages.

Cover: The cover design is absolutely exquisite. The front cover portrays the valiant warrior 'Satyabhama' whose story is literally the backbone of this novel. The glossy texture of 'Satyabhama' over the graphic background of a battlefield, gives the notion of a mythological element associated with the novel. However, to the surprise of readers, as one goes on they get to know its actually a thriller based with some references, from historical background. The title of the book is printed in glossy white hue at the top edge of the front cover and the name of the author at the bottom edge. The back cover of the book consists of the blurb along with a silhouette of 'Detective Horo', who is the protagonist of the novel.

Title: The title is apt to the content of the book and goes in sync with the plot of the novel. "The Secret of the Palamu Fort", centres around the tale of the hidden 'Elixr of Doisa' and its protector, Satyabhama. It takes us back to the land of Jharkhand, 1650 AD during the reign of the Chero King, Raja Medini Rai and his kingdom. Prosperity was at its peak during his reign, as he was a very kind and generous king. It is under his privilege that Satyabhama became the chief of the military forces during his time, who led him to win several conquests and acquire the 'Elixr of Doisa'. Satyabhama protected the elixr till his last breathe as he promised Raja Medini Rai, from the conspirators within Raja's own court. However, he received a horrible death in return. Since then this folklore began that the 'Elixr of Doisa' was cursed and the ghost of Satyabhama protected it. With this historical plot as the background, a murder takes place in the present timeline, which was stated to be done by the ghost of Satyabhama, as mentioned by the eye-witnesses of the murder. Thus, the thriller began to unwind where Detective Robin Horo investigates about the murder and eventually finds out the conspiracies made in the past and in the present times to unravel "The Secret of the Palamu Fort".

My Verdict: "The Secret of the Palamu Fort" brings forth two plots, in two different timelines, intertwined yet fits so perfectly well to complement each other. Besides the historical intricacies, the character development of Detective Horo and his companions namely Neil Horo and Babulalji have been made with great care which resonates to a great extent with the famous detective stories of "Feluda" by Satyajit Ray. One finds an essence of reincarnation of the character, "Feluda" in "Detective Horo" which makes it all the way more appealing to its readers. I am flattered especially because how well the author has conveyed his story following a similar style of writing as the great Satyajit Ray, yet with a mark of originality in it. Kudos to Razi! The language of the book is lucid and thus accessible to a wide range of readers. The book has every element to make it a complete package. It includes a historic reference, mysterious ghost killer, folklore, deductions by Detective Horo to solve the case, comic relief, adventure, conspiracies, riddle and its solution through mind-boggling interpretations. At the culmination, the reader gets all the missing pieces and answers to the definite questions that arise in the course of reading the book. It is a sure shot page-turner and one who loves thrillers will definitely love it. Simplicity defines beauty. And that's what I felt after completing this book. I loved it!

Rating : 4.5* / 5*

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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

The Ryders' Riddance: Samson Ryder #1 : Review

Genre: Crime Thriller 

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing 

Book Length: 383

Price: Rs.399

Cover: The cover design has been made keeping in mind, the content of the book. "The Ryders' Riddance", portrays the story of vengeance of Samson Ryder with a very well framed cinematic plot. The front cover consists of the silhouette of a man within whom we can see a scenery, which embarks the moment when this story began - the night when Ryders' parents got killed. The spurts of blue on the white background of the book is symbolic of the hurt, pain and challenges Samson had gone through in his story. The title of the book is written in bold uppercase fonts in the middle, with a combination of black and white subsequently matching the background cover of the book. The back cover consists of the blurb and information about the author along with his picture.

Title: The title is apt to the content of the book and goes in sync with the plot of the novel. "The Ryders Riddance" truly depicts Samson's motive to get rid of the global terror- Falcon, who ruined his life by killing his parents, when he was a kid. There is a point in the story when Samson only wanted to get out of this game of vengeance, safely with his colleagues namely, Khloe Denver and Panlo Kippins. By this momentary change of intentions, one can clearly sense the grave risk of losing one's life or close ones in this act of hunting the predator aka Falcon. Thus, however it might seem lucrative to read how the protagonist tries and succeeds in his vengeance, on the contrary, it was actually a disastrous phase in Samson's life, which he wanted to elope from. A normal happy life with his family was what Samson always longed for which however he never got because of Falcon and thus "The Ryders Riddance" from his guilt, rage and animosity by the path of vengeance, to take it all from the one who once took it all from him.

My TWO CENTS :  "The Ryders Riddance", is what I say to be a tantalising thriller. With such innovative names of western origin and such diverse characters, the author has truly shown his mastery in imagining, analysing and storytelling. The story begins on a sweet note, celebrating the companionship and bonding between Ryders' parents, Vincent and Pauline when the deadly 'Deathstalker' hit them to their doom. Assassined eighteen years ago, was when the story truly began. It was eighteen years back when Samson lost his parents and started living with their family friends, The  Sebastians. Since then, they had become his family and his father's colleague cum friend, Ulrich Sebastian took great care so that Samson didn't come to know about the assassination, which took away his family. This was a prevalent step at the moment to protect young Samson from the talons of Falcon. After eighteen years when Samson grew into a man and realised how things really were, an undercover agency namely the SIA(secret intelligence agency) offered him with an opportunity to take his vengeance and also do good to this world by preying on the Falcon. Falcon was like an unknown parameter in an equation. Nobody knew whether it was a group or a single person who has become the most untraceable global mafia, whom no global agency had any clue of. They only knew that Falcon existed and thus they said: "The Falcon sees it all, but none see the Falcon." As the story unfolds and the plot takes up its pace. Ryder meeting Khloe and Panlo and getting ready for their mission through learning skills like to withstand grave situations, tactics, coding and armed combat had some vigorous descriptions in the middle of the book. However, sometimes I found it difficult to keep track of the story merely because of its twisted interlinks with its subplots and also quality language. This book is not recommended for readers who are accustomed to a lucid way of writing. Coming back to the story, I just loved the backstory of how 'The Falcon' surfaced and how illicit circumstances and corruption can turn one into a rebel and take justice in one's hands. I felt the story wasn't only about the hardships of Samson Ryder but it was also about Vetero Heracio and his unfathomable journey of transformation into The Falcon. The icing on the cake was the henchmen of Falcon, Alan Myke. His character reminded me of the "Joker" from DC Universe. The madness, brutality and coldness will surely be a treat for every reader who loves to read thrillers.

Overall the book was like a roller coaster ride. The more one gets to the later, the better it gets. I personally found the book a worthy read as it makes its readers visualise the story like a motion picture itself. Kudos to such a creative attempt!

Rating : 4* / 5*

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Technically, I Love You by Piyush Gupta | Book Review

If you like Popular Fiction- if you are the first to buy books of the likes of Ravinder Singh- you might enjoy reading Piyush Gupta's novel, Technically I love you. The plot is a love triangle- and although most authors have a tendency of getting messy and ugly with such plots Gupta is smoother and best at the handling of the plot and it's movement. All chapters are designated properly in time and that allows for the reader to have a better track of events. I was especially impressed by one line of the blurb :

"Love, a four lettered word, present in every dictionary
Heard by everyone, felt by some, faked by many. "

The book also deals in adult content and if you are in for it, grab the book. I highly enjoyed reading about the female characters who are different in their own way and I especially felt that they didn't seem a right fit for the protagonist Ritesh. However, the plot is beyond my scope of critique because well, I can not judge two people in love.

What I had  problem with was the language of the book. The plot deals with some grave scenes and important lessons are learnt by Ritesh in the course of it. However the writing style is way too simple to let the reader sense the paces of different parts. If you have read books like The Notebook or Revolution 2020, you know how the writing style of a novel is key to the reader actually building a relationship and love for the novel-now language acts like a transport from reality to fiction. The transport was not efficient in this case and thanks to bad editing at several places - the novel reads more like a first draft than complete product. Apart from the one line mentioned, I found all good lines too cliche and I felt that I have read something similar sometime or the other.

Pop Fiction lovers will enjoy the book, and new readers might find it interesting. With work on the language, Piyush Gupta may lead the Popular Fiction Genre in India someday and I hope to read better works from the young author. You can grab the book here.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Master Your Money, Master Your Life by Abhishek Kumar | Review

After Rich Dad Poor Dad and Tony Robbins's Money - MASTER YOUR MONEY is definitely the next best book I have read in the Finance genre. And I promise I have read a LOT of them. Most of them go on about the same old advises, save, don't spend, invest and YOU'RE RICH! Not this book. The best part about this book is that it has totally rewired all money strategies to device one that involves the best practices of the greatest experts of finance. As I flipped the pages, I could slowly sense the strength of the words which were strategies backed by research and logic and that clearly puts forth the amount of efforts that have gone into the creation of the book. It would be a shame if this book does not become a cult classic in finance for Indians and I highly suggest you grab this book today!

Abhishek Kumar doesn't look at money in isolation but in integration with family and social life and the influence it has on it. The higher we move up the ladder, the higher we find ourself surrounded by stress that originates due to or lack of money. So, why not take a step back? And if moving ahead is the desire- we may as well be strategic about it. He busts several money myths - my favourite being that some people have the idea : We should take a loan as it provides a tax benefit to us. He almost mocks the people with this mentality as he puts for his argument : " It is equivalent to saying we should fall sick so that our sick leave doesn't go wasted"

The book is not only full of logic and reasoning regarding the ideals of handling finances, but also provides numerous solutions- in the form of 5 ideas which guide you towards a fulfilling life where you enjoy your money without wasting it all and leaving nothing for your retirement. They prepare you to meet both desires and emergencies, and since the very core of the book is the 5 fund(a)s I wouldn't share it - However, you should definitely grab the book here.

If you want to be successful you need to master the tool called money, and this book will help you do that Today!

Sunday, 7 July 2019

One Monsoon in Mumbai by Anitha Perincherry || Book Review

When I picked this book up, my expectations were not high. One page into the book and I realised that for a debut author, Perincherry's language is polished and she has a flair with her writing style. She begins the novel with a realistic depiction of the city of Mumbai where the novel is set in :

" Mumbai, a puzzle of a city, put together with jagged pieces of wildly fruitful dreams and shattered hopes. Here, some gambled for fame and fortune, some looted, some cut throats. They called it business."

Such a strong opening is bound to draw you in right? I looked at the passage in disbelief weighing the heavy realities summed up into a few words. Although the genre of the novel is Rom com and it eventually loses the intensity of the starting lines, these lines are no less imoactful than literary masterpieces. Which is probably why to sum up, I think One Monsoon in Mumbai showed a great potential- especially that of the author in the language she wields.

Adhith and his father, the Finance Minister are prime suspects of Income Tax Department - they have been apparently looting tax payers money in crores and Seema Rawat is sent as an undercover agent to collect evidence and reveal their fallacies. Although the book classifies as a Rom com it does not get overly cheesy which is one of the most commendable things about this novel.

Seema is clearly the primary protagonist of this novel and her character has been built with a strong background - something that often authors miss. Whatever her present is has been shaped by her past that she is not so proud of. She is rebellious and shares a complicated relationship with her aunt. In a few chapters you come to realise that all her life she has tried to escape from her aunt but found herself with her due to her circumstances. However, they clearly care for each other - it is the unspoken issues between them that probably give rise to the coldness that often prevails between them. Her relationships with Adhith and Vikram are quite strange - and often she fails to draw her boundaries as an undercover agent. However, that is only human.

They undergo several turmoils in the course of the novel and it is clear within the first half that Vikram and Seema make the better match. Meanwhile, Adhith has announced marrying Seema to his father - without any consultation with her. Come to think about it, that is not the only thing that fails to make sense in the novel. I am intrigued by how Seema manages to become Adhith's girlfriend in the first place. Regarding Vikram slowly revealing his concern for Seema- it almost seems forced because there is no major action that leads to the result. The minor events are not convincing enough - and in the pursuit of giving Seema the spotlight we hardly see any other female character who plays a significant role. Sure, there are a few more characters but their names aren't even notable.

To like this novel you have to be in mood for romance.  With no doubt , Vikram is certainly anyone's dream guy. He is caring, he is cute, he is smart and responsible. In the scenes where he is present with Adhith you can clearly sense their contrast - and it almost shocks me how Seema could even act to like the guy. Sure, he is not a villain maybe but he is still quite - to put it in a word- useless. His character does things that makes me want to throw a chair at him and I am sure the author intended to build the character this way for certain reasons and I liked that the author has done a great job with the characters.

Let's talk about the plot of the book - while it is laid down from the very first chapter what the intent of the protagonist is- thus mapping out the plot of the book, it does have it's own twists in the book. Romance is accompanied by working for social factors and never do we find any of the characters forsake their career for their love. If anything, love propels them towards working harder and achieving more important goals and that is one of the best parts about this book. I am glad to not have read yet another Rom com where the characters found love and left the world for it.

 The plot seems linear but while paying close attention I was often confused by the flow of the story and thought that it could have been more polished if the author could have revised it a few times or sent it to an editor. However, that doesn't mean that the plot is bad - it is a complex plot with three characters facing their own problems and for a debut author capturing all these intricacies is definitely quite difficult. Seema is always depicted as a character bothered by her past and so are the ones around her and that shapes all their lives indirectly or directly. She herself is an extremely imperfect character- although she often tries to convince herself that she is capable and strong in several events through the plot. I like the way the author uses events to provide her character sketch instead of plainly stating how she is.

Overall, we could conclude that One Monsoon in Mumbai is very well formed in terms of language, plot and characterisation but lacks polish and clarity at some portions. For a first time this is commendable and I am sure that the author Anitha Perincherry is yet to attain her full potential - and this work is a promising preface to what she is yet to deliver. You can grab the book on Amazon if you want to read One Monsoon in Mumbai!

Magic Required by H. S. Paisley | Fantasy Book Review

"The decided water would be the way I died. But I swam anyways."

The opening lines of the novel were enough to let me know that I had picked up a good read. H S Paisley's Magic Required follows Lochlan Elyll who has visions of deaths which haunt him. I liked three things the most about the book - language, plot and character sketch. The language is typical to most fantasy novels- and manages to instill confidence and assert a strong tone. Any reader will be able to read, relate and take inspiration from several chapters of the book.

Celtic stories and folk tales have always interested me and this novel brings magic to life- in this book Magic is a living entity. In this futuristic novel, the protagonist is a demi God unwilling to come to terms with the past, haunted by nightmares and dilemmas - and it is his flaws that attract me to him. This brings me to the characterisation of the book - within a few chapters you realise that Lochlan's character is very well built-especially because reading about unreal heroes is too cliche and although Lochlan is a brave and strong character- his flaws make him a perfect character.

There are several characters in the novel which add dimension to the plot and I love the fact that the author didn't go all in on just the hero. The author has mingled mythology with contemporary and futuristic themes to create a novel of it's own kind and I would love to read more from her!
Some parts probably could have been more polished - and some themes better dealt with but I liked the majority of the novel! You should totally get this book on Amazon.

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Seasons by Priyam Acharya : Poetry Collection Review

When I picked up Seasons by Priyam Acharya, I didn't expect much of it. I have picked up modern Indian poetry quite often and mostly have been utterly disappointed. I was almost taken by surprise when I read the first poem - Glass Shields Glass which vividly captures the poet's thoughts as she sits in a cafe, and looks at a glass top shielding hundreds of tiny glasses. The essence of her poems is mostly love and romance, mostly the passion, often the pain it brings for the person concerned. Some of the ideas portrayed in her poems can get repetitive but her writing style makes up for it. If you enjoy reading descriptive and thoughtful poetry with impeccable language, you may find Seasons interesting!

Priyam Acharya is at her best while writing poems of heart break. In one of my personal favourites, she writes :

' I'm a prisoner of our memories.
But do I call this a prison?
I knew not
That a prison could also be a refuge.'

Her poetry is the sort that you would read at 2am at night while thinking about a bad breakup. Her poetry is the sort that acts like a friend's hand on your shoulder after a rough day. It smells of understanding and empathy, something I search for while reading poetry. 

Among the 162 poems, some of her poems also touch on other aspects of human life such as belief, gratitude and power over oneself. I did find a few poems unable to capture the essence of their message due to ineffective wording, but that was a minority in the collection. Also, the concepts in the poem are scattered and I would probably have been happier with a separation of themes. However, overall, Seasons is a book you have to read if you enjoy poetry and poetry collections. If you want to grab this book, click here ! The book would surely entertain beginners and moderate readers :)

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Tick Tock by Rahul Bhandare

Genre: Comic 

Book Length: 27

Price: Rs. 99

Amazon :

Cover: The front cover of the book comprises of animated charcoal sketches of various clock parts that clearly goes with the content of this graphic novel. The classic combination of black and white gives the mere essence of an old school cartoonist, who depicts simple yet meaningful content through the nib of his graphite. The name of the novel finds its place at the upper edge of the book along with the author's name at the lower right-hand corner. The back cover consists of a moral lesson and some comments from the illustrators and the comic artist himself.

Title: The title of the book 'Tick Tock' is in the sink with the feel and message of the graphic novel. This novel basically tells us the story of everyone who is in this struggle of existence, through the symbolic of a mere wristwatch. The extraordinary journey that we all face ultimately leads us to some greater accomplishment in our life at the end. So I feel the tick-tock not only tells us to hold on to what we are doing but also tells fosters the message of "No Pain No Gain" philosophy through this textless piece of beauty.

My Verdict: "Tick-Tock" speaks of the journey of a wristwatch from the point of its formation in a watch factory to it getting sold, transported to different people and finally reaching its fate which signifies the greater purpose of life. This brings back the child in all the adult readers of this graphic novel and gives them a sheer feel of relaxation among the mundane schedules and anxieties of adult life. This graphic novel very subtly speaks the language of life, the good and bad, simple and complicated, however, may be the situation the life just goes on. So its very essential go with the flow of life and go on doing your part of duties and responsibilities and you will finally end up at the place you deserve. This graphic novel has the comic element of its mere sketches in it which will surely make you laugh at times but most importantly it conveys the sensible message of, "What you end up becoming, is something only Time will tell." It was a brisk read and merely takes ten minutes to finish but the values it instils within its readers is definitely one seeks for.

Ratings: 4.0*/5*

Endurer by Kapil Raj : Book Review

Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Write India
Book Length: 216
Price: Rs. 175
Amazon :

Cover: The cover design is as exquisite as the book itself. The grainy, sparkling texture of the cover in its off-white hue appears very aesthetic and soothing to look at. The artistic graphics portraits of two girls, one within the other, facing opposite directions opens up the way to various interpretations, to different readers. On a personal note, I feel that the images portray the protagonist in the story, at two different phases of her life. The white face within the crimson one is symbolic of the endurance of a true 'Endurer' who battled through the grievous adversities that life threw at her and stood up sturdier, rediscovering the meaning of life. The title of the book finds its place in pitch black uppercase fonts, at the top edge of the front cover along with the name of the author at the bottom edge. The back cover consists of the blurb of the book.

Title: The title is apt to the content of the book and goes in sync with the plot of the novel. "Endurer - A Rape Story", puts forth the story of Palak Kapoor, a rape victim and an endurer who didn't let the culprits or the society to get away with what they did to her and made her feel like. Its the story of how she emerged as a human, as a survivor, made her choices at the most vulnerable phases of her life and chose to live, even when she was dead inside. She lived for the people she love; the people who once taught her how precious life is and its worth living than fading away even after the worst, that one faces. The author quotes, "Yes, I was RAPED. But instead of dying. I live it." - is an appeal to every woman out there whose honour and dignity has been at stake at some point of her life to not give up, fight and emerge like an endurer.

Plot: The main plot of the novel is centred around the life of a teenager, Palak who was quite engrossed in her newly setup college life. Newfound love, drugs, catfights, patch ups, crushes, night hangouts and unplanned trips were almost all the things that had now been a part of her experiences. She was rich enough to afford every facility she desired except happiness and a little bit of her mom whom she deeply missed, for she was no more. Her father had no strings attached to her except the monetary support he provided. Palak, therefore, lived with her friends at the hostel and life was moving pretty smooth. Her friend circle particularly liked partying hard, flaunting the freedom they had and live a carefree life. Eventually, one day they ended up at a rave party at a beach house where the most grievous incident of her life took place. Yes, she got raped. This is the moment when the real story begins. The situation or rather the surge of events that took place changed the psychological view of a survivor, made her bolder than before to face life, to confront society and even the culprits. "Endurer" is the story of every woman who did not give up and chose to face the reality as it is and moved on ahead in life dismissing the adversaries.

Characterisation: The author has done a wonderful job in framing each and every character of this novel. Besides the protagonist Palak, the characters of her friends namely Tanya, Ankita, Sam, Arav, Uday, Jahan, Rohin were precisely depicted along with their physical attributes and social status. Even the other sub-characters like the family members of Palak and some of her friends were also depicted quite well. The descriptions clearly reflected their nature and character in the novel. The author introduced the antagonists in a very subtle way, that the reader at beginning of their description could not sense the foul, that is to come from them later. I feel every character perfectly made sense and contributed their part justly in framing the novel.

My Verdict: I personally feel that when one reads a book, it should be done from cover to cover. If not so, then I would not have been here praising the author for such a humble and creative 'acknowledgement' for the book. Kudos to such a creative start. Coming back to the novel I personally felt the book had a slow tedious start but it soon gained pace as "The Catastrophe" came close. Standard usage of the English language along with some skilful depictions of subtle unsaid emotions was beautifully portrayed by the author. I personally felt the plot of the novel compelling and it definitely posses the strength to keep the reader engrossed in it. The built up of the climax is supported by some other stories which played an essential part in evolving the protagonist out of pain and anxiety and face the reality. The author did a commendable job in describing sublime emotions at instances by understanding the psychology of a female protagonist, which is not an easy task to put forth. Lastly, I liked the positivity one attains after finishing this book. The last couple of pages is a sheer boost of motivation to every individual reading the book and upholds a positive outlook towards life and choosing not to die. Overall it was a good read and I hope to read more on socially exclusive sensitive topics from the author, in his upcoming works.

Rating: 4*/5*

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14 Books That Are WAY Better Than a Valentine!

I said it : Books are better than lovers! If you are looking for some good romance reads, look no more! Best part? You can read all these books for free on Storytel if you enroll for a free trial of 30 days by clicking here !

Normal People by Sally Rooney

Normal People- follows the life of two very normal people Connell and Marianne as they develop a strong relationship. Within the simplicity of this read, is nested a tale of human complications and it would not be hard for any reader to resonate with them. 

Rosie Coloured Glasses by Brianna Wolfson

A bittersweet tale of everlasting love, Rosie Colored Glasses is not merely a story of love- it also deals with the effect divorces have on children, and the unusual narrative makes this read extremely gripping.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

Who needs a valentine when you can just indulge in your fantasies with Fifty Shades? This passionate novel is better read in absolute privacy!

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

A bubbly girl- a man who has lost his will to live and how their lives change when their paths cross. This is one of the most emotional love stories I have ever read.

P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

A husband comes back to his wife after his death- in the form of letters he left her which he signs off with " P.S. I Love You" - and shows how can love change your life- even in death.

The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Confusing yet absolutely timeless, this novel delves into the life of a Henry and Clare- Henry is a time traveller- his genetic clock resets and he is pulled back and forth in time and he disappears! The novel portrays their struggle of and in being together, despite the obstacles.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

This classic 19th century tale where Darcy and Elizabeth overcome class and societal norms to prioritise love is a must read for everyone- to have a deeper understanding of themselves and the society around them.

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare Ji

A 13-Year-Old girl dying for love may not be the most convincing thing ever, but Romeo and Juliet happens to be one of the most famous love stories ever!

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion


Sometimes, you do not find love. Love finds you. This humorous and light read following two very different people is perfect to tune into on a lonely evening.

Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

In love with a classmate who he knows as "Blue" A not-so-openly gay Simon is in trouble when his emails fall into the wrong hands. Listed as one of the Top 100 Books on Amazon, it is a must read for anyone who wants to feel the unadulterated essence of love.

A Very Large Expanse Of The Sea by Tahereh Mafi

Normal People- follows the life of two very normal people Connell and Marianne as they develop a strong relationship. Within the simplicity of this read, is nested a tale of human complications and it would not be hard for any reader to resonate with them. 

Like Water by Rebecca Podos

Everything in Vanni's life changes when she meets Leigh,  in this novel of two girls exploring the waters of identity and finding their place in the world. Also, take a moment to appreciate the lovely cover!

Love Story by Erich Segal

A poignant tale of lovers at first sight (although I don't believe in that!) that leaves you thinking. This crisp read is the best for people who do not have much time in hand but want to spend some time reading a good romance. 

I hope you find these helpful and do leave your views in the comments.

The links used are affiliate links- they won't cost you anything and by using them to shop you will be supporting me with a tiny commission,

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Beyond The Bench by Sangeeta Dixit : Book Review

It takes Kabir 14 years to get Maya's number. And when he does, their chats and love begin blooming. Will their course of love be smooth? What obstacles lay their way? To know that you have to read 'Beyond The Bench.'

However, there are a lot of things about this book which made me unable to like it. The chapters lack coherence and I was hoping for improvement as the chapters progressed, but on the contrary they stayed the same, making it a difficult job to enjoy the read. There is a clear lack of twists and originality in the story - it is not new and I can not even start counting how many times I have read stories with a similar premise.

The characterisi And there are so many errors in printing and formatting which marr the whole reading experience. The protagonist is overly cheesy, which is quite unexpected after 14 years! There is a moment when Maya falls down, and I assume all humans have fallen at some point of life! But the protagonist delivers some utterly cheesy dialogues and you wonder if she fell on the ground or into a well. And somehow after this day he felt as if all if him belongs to her or something like that. Honestly, I need a break from this cheesiness!

The only good thing about this book was the diary entries of Kabir, a part I genuinely enjoyed for which I will give this book two star out of five. You can grab the book by clicking here if you want to!

Thursday, 29 November 2018

The Invincible Weapon by Sowmya Putta : Review

Recently, I have been taking interest in stories from ancient India and mythology- and The Invincible Weapon is a beautiful blend of both. At a perfect length of 250 pages, this book is ideal for any type of reader should they wish to read an entertaining read on a tight schedule. Somehow, this book made me nostalgic about a lot of stuff I had learnt during history classes and the context is pretty new : The plot, quite well thought upon. The title is very relevant to the plot of the story, so is the lovely cover that startles you at a glance. While children and teenagers will enjoy this book immensely, it is not impossible for adults to like it as well!

The plot begins when the sons of the king are summoned by Maharshi Gavistha, a reportedly old rishi who had trained their grandfather. The summonations brings with it an undercurrent of fear, as the prologue trails off and we find Abhi and Kanu in the Gurukul - a new experience for the young princes who have seldom wandered outside palace life. They will be facing enemies who have been attacking Mahadroni, and having the power of being invisible to human eye - their enemies are already way ahead of their capabilities. To counter such an attack, one needs 'The Invincible Weapon'. To know what that is - read this book!

The language is lucid and does not elaborate without purpose. All the characters are well worked upon and do not lack dimension, which is something I appreciate. It is ideal for any age owing to its family friendly concept, and if you want alternatives to usual bedtime stories, this may as well serve the purpose. I only have one complaint against the novel, and that would probably be the climax. For a book so skillfully composed, I failed to enjoy the fate and ending of the novel and probably would have enjoyed something unpredictable. Also, I would demand for more stories within the plot to make it more interesting as a novel. Nevertheless, it makes a great read and I would rate it 3.5 stars out of 5!

Buy the book here.